Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shiloh... NO MORE!

If you read my earlier posts, you would know that I was slightly mystified that Isla's second top tooth had not yet poked through her little gums. Her first top tooth emerged August 6th... so clearly, a significant amount of time has passed since then. I thought they always came in pairs... guess not. So, today, I discovered when staring into my lady's mouth that indeed, her second top tooth has sprouted! Hooray! No toothless wonder here! Needless to say, I was quite pleased. I can't wait when she smiles with all 4 teeth... too adorable. Another big moment in our lives... Isla has discovered standing! She was playing with her toys and I look up to see her standing, hanging on for dear life! I congratulated her and she gave me this look like "Mom, I did it!!! I am SO proud of myself!" She just smiled so big, so confidently... her little face so full of pride. I was proud too. I am looking forward to many many more moments where this look emerges and my heart fills with love and pride for my child. However, this look lasted for mere seconds... as did her stance! No photos were taken. But I did manage to snap a couple cute ones of her (obviously).

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