Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Another babe enters our world...

Wow... so many new lives entering the world these days! So exciting! Another dear friend of mine had her first baby yesterday! I've known Carling for 16 years... we met in the 7th grade, and have been friends ever since. She married her high school sweetheart and they just welcomed their first son, Jet James Stiksma, into their family early yesterday morning. HE IS SO CUTE! He literally is the picture of perfection! A big huge congrats goes out to the new parents!

I am just so touched watching my 2 close, wonderful, amazing friends become Mommy's. Maybe because I remember what they are experiencing in the first few days of their child's life... a love, a bond, like nothing else. This feeling inside that you would do anything for this little person that you just met... the purest example of unconditional love! Man, I am just so over the moon for these families!

However, does it make me want another baby? H-E-L-L No.

Monday, May 6, 2013

What A Wonderful Weekend...

This past weekend was full of celebrations. Saturday was a big, huge day of welcoming people into families!

First off, one of my dearest, dearest friends welcomed her first baby into the world. Avalyn Grace Stenger was born Saturday night at 11:24 pm. She is such a beautiful little babe with cheeks to match her mommy. I simply cannot wait to snuggle her, kiss her, sniff her and give my friend a big hug and kiss and tell her how proud I am of her and how much I love her daughter. Big huge Congrats to Geoff & Kayley... parenthood is a wild ride... hold on tight to one another and enjoy each moment; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Secondly, Cam's little brother, Casey was married on Saturday! So, we all welcomed a new sister-in-law into the family, Hillary. The wedding took place at Beulah and the party followed at the St. Albert Inn. Camerin was the Best Man and Isla was a flower girl. It was a beautiful wedding... elegant, enchanting and full of love. Isla danced her little heart out all night long! We left the reception around 10 pm... crazy, right? She loved being with her cousins and Casey loved loved loved dancing with his nieces! It was so beautiful to see the happiness plastered on both of their faces. All. Day. Long. Congrats to Casey and Hillary Schellenberg... another one bites the dust!


Maddie, Kenzie and Isla... the 3 most beautiful flower girls there ever was.

My Annie-Roo.

Us. (*note the girlies not giving a rats ass about the photos)


My ladies and I.


A beautiful weekend was enjoyed by all and I cannot express how amazing it is to have the sun rain down on us! I LOVE SUMMER!!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Words of Wisdom...

from my 3 year old. Here is 3 of my favorite Isla quotes thus far:

1. "Ewww, someone took a steamy dump in here". Said while looking in the toilet at leftover poop particles from it's previous tenant.

2. "This weather is really balls". Said after I (*oops*) commented on our hideous display of 'Spring' yesterday morning.

3. Whilst picking at the remnants of a sparkly tattoo left on her skin, Isla remarks "Argh, in all my years...".

And there you have it folks.