Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lucky Number 7

May 14, 2005...

May 14, 2012

First off, I am just gonna say that Cam is sooooo hot. He is like a fine wine... getting better with age. I am a LUCKY woman. Yowsers.

Our special day was just that... special. Once again, Cam spoiled me with a beautiful skirt and tank top from my fave store (if you know me, you know where this is). He wrote me a beautiful card and his words absolutely warmed my heart. Momo came over to watch our girls and we went to the Melting Pot for dinner! We had an absolutely amazing time filled with great conversation, nostalgic memories, good food, delicious wine and the best company I could ever ask for. 

Cam is hands down the most amazing man. Ever. He is thoughtful, inspiring, encouraging, motivating, supportive, responsible, hard-working, dedicated, loving, sincere, genuine, gentle and an absolutely incredible father! I thank God daily for the man he has blessed me with. I am honored and privileged to spend the rest of my life by his side. He is absolutely my better half. As challenging as our marriage has been at times, we have overcome these obstacles... stronger and better for it. Our love continues to grow and strengthen and I look forward to 70 more years with him!

Happy Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day was very special. I was asked by our pastor at church to speak about my mom in the service. The theme of his sermon was planting seeds of hope into the lives of our children. So, in sticking to the theme, I spoke about 3 specific seeds my mom planted in my life. I didn't tell her I was speaking so I am certain she was surprised when my name was called and I sauntered to the podium. It was such a privilege to shower praises upon my mom and to honor her in such a special way on a very meaningful day. We both shed tears and I feel this experience has strengthened our relationship. It was extremely cool and I am so proud I was able to do this for her.

After church, we celebrated by heading to a beautiful park to enjoy a lovely picnic Cam had prepared earlier. We laid out a blanket, spread out our delicious feast and soaked up the sun. I cherish the time I get to spend with my husband and our girls and this was no exception. We enjoyed the gorgeous weather, one another and our delectable lunch! Cam also spoiled me with new lulu lemon shorts! Woot! And of course, the beautiful framed photo of Annie and me hanging in our bedroom was the cherry on top of a perfect day with my absolute 3 favorite people on planet earth. I am blessed.

the 2 most beautiful ladies. (*note Isla holding Annie's hand... so precious)

"yuv you" (Isla's version of I Love You)

my one and only

Annie-Roo. What a beauty.

Silly, Smiles, Sensational.

I am so blessed. *priceless*

We Dedicate

On April 22, we dedicated Annie at church! We were surrounded by family and it was a very special day. I was slightly distracted by Isla playing with my earrings as I was trying to listen to the words of our pastor... but hey, that's the life of a mom. We received a wooden, hand-crafted treasure chest and we've decided to make this "Annie's keepsake box". Little poems she writes, pictures she paints, gifts she makes us etc.. will fill this box and it is something we can give to her in her adult life. Something I think that is very cool. A blog post is never complete without a picture or 2.