Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fourteen Months and Fabulous...

Annie is 14 months old today... no big deal really, other than the fact that SHE IS ALREADY 14 months! Holy Moses... I can hardly stand it. She brings Cam and I endless joy and laughs and love. She truly is one precious little lady. In keeping with this weeks theme, here is 5 facts about Annie.

1. She finally has teeth. 2 of them actually, right on the bottom and boy, are they priceless when she flashes that toothy grin. What a babe!

2. She is as goofy as anything. When I think of Annie, words that come to mind are: silly, goofy, playful, funny and fun loving. She is always throwing herself around... on furniture, on us, on Isla and giggling up a storm. Perhaps another word would be fearless. She is always flinging her body towards something, hoping an object such as a cushion or human arms will break her fall.

3. She does not sit still. For anything. Ever. She is constantly on the move. Always.

4. She is curious. This little princess gets into EVERYTHING. Whenever I open the pantry, she sneaks in. Whenever the fridge is open, she's in there too! An example: this morning, while eating my breakfast, I look up to the pantry to find Annie with her whole arm in an empty peanut butter jar, desperately trying to scrape some remnants off the sides to eat. This jar was at the BOTTOM of the recycling bag. She just has to get her paws on, in, around, on top of everything. /

5. She is a whole different cat than Isla. Completely different than Isla at this age, or at least from what I can remember. Wow. Can't wait to see what she blossoms into!

Annie is such a beauty, both inside and out and the amount of love and fulfillment she brings to my life is inexplicable. What a honey.

Ooh, and one more for good measure.

6. She is a bottomless pit. She will eat everything in sight. It is often me who ends her meals. Really, is one piece of toast, a full banana and a cup of yogurt not enough for one baby for breakfast? Sheesh.

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Lovely Isla

I thought I would do an entire post dedicated to all that is my Isla... 5 facts about her and how incredible she is.

1. She is hilarious: Isla cracks us up multiple times a day. She says the funniest things, makes the funniest faces, plays cute games with Annie, always teases and just brings joy wherever she goes. One of my favorite quotes came yesterday... She opened the toilet lid and their was some remaining poop fragments in the toilet. Isla's response was "Ewww, someone took a steamy dump in here". She's so charming, right?

2. Isla is a girly girl: When Isla wakes up at 6 am, her first instinct is to reach for her princess skirt and her ballet shoes. She constantly wears a poofy, frilly skirt and her sparkly shoes... both of which she changes multiple times a day.

3. Isla is obsessed with dancing: Everything is dancing. Dance around the living room, dance on the table, dance under the table, dance naked, dance in winter boots, dance in the bathtub, dance in bed, dance on the bed, dance with me, dance alone... you name it, she dances. And not just in our home either... dance at the gym, dance in the grocery store, dance in any store... dance anywhere. Her frequently repeated phrase of "Want to see my dance class?" is repeated numerous times a day... this is simply inviting you to watch her dance. It is priceless.

4. Isla is empathetic: Whenever someone is upset, Isla feels it. When I am frustrated or sad, Isla knows and her first response is to say "It's ok Mommy. You're a strong girl. Don't be sad" or some form of these comforting words. She wipes my tears, she hugs me and she takes care of me. It warms my heart. She also does this with Annie (of course not all the time because sometimes she is the cause of Annie's tears). If Annie is upset, she gives her a big hug or makes a silly face to help her feel better, or hands her a stuffed animal or puts her soother back in. She wants to make things better by offering her help. She feels people's hurts and responds with pure love.

5. Isla is A Type: yes, I know what you are all thinking. She is exactly like me. She likes routine, she has a hard time adjusting to change, she's tired at the same times, she eats at the same times and the same foods (when I find a breakfast I like, I eat it everyday for months), she's extremely particular when it comes to bedtime rituals and such things. She's not so particular with cleanliness (much like me) or having things in a certain order, but she is A Type when it comes to planning things, knowing what's happening and being prepared for what's to come. She wakes up, puts on her skirt and shoes and then asks me "What are we doing today?" When I respond, it's the bible. If I vary from what I originally told her, yikes, we are in trouble. She does not respond well to last minute changes (again, SO much like me). Like mommy like daughter I suppose.

I am just falling more and more in love with her these days as her sweet, kind and tender personality unravels. She's such a beauty!

* us, at the ASAC Fundraising Gala yesterday*

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Race Season!

I've never been in a race before. Ever. And from what I hear, the atmosphere is addictive. I cannot wait to experience that adrenaline, anxiety, excitement and competitiveness this upcoming race season (however, I don't really believe I am competitive, but Cam says otherwise). And, I get to experience it 5 times! Holy Smokes... I may have bitten off more than I can chew here folks but this reality makes me so incredibly thrilled for my Spring/Summer to begin!

June 1st - Spring Sprint: This race is more of a celebration than a competition. I am joining forces with one of my most dearest friends in this race that raises attention for The Brain Tumor Association of Canada. She is a survivor and I am honored to walk alongside her in support of "The A-Team".

June 15th - Walk Run Ride for Hope: This race raises funds for "The Village of Hope" in Harare, Zimbabwe. Our church, North Pointe, supports this village through prayers, finances and outreach. I participated last year in the 5 km walk but this year, I am challenging myself with the 10km run!

June 29th - Spartan Sprint: This is a 5km obstacle course race. So pumped!

July 6th - Color Me Rad: Funds raised in this race will go directly to the Stollery Children's Hopsital. Enough said. Another close, dear friend of mine asked me to participate alongside her and what could I say? It looks like SO MUCH FUN! Check out this video. Watching this clip made me salivate.

September 7th - Spartan Super: This is the big one folks! 14km obstacle course race... my big challenge of the season! Yikes! But honestly, I am SO dang excited, I can hardly stand it.

And there you have it.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Bet You Didn't Know...

1. ... that at the age of 16, I asked Mike Comrie (yes, Mr. Hilary Duff) to marry me via a very large sign at an Oilers game. Lucky for me, he said No.

2. (in keeping with the hockey theme)... I invited then Oiler, Jason Arnott, to my 10th birthday party. Since it was my golden birthday (10 on the 10th), I figured I needed a special guest. I legitimately thought he would come. He did not. However, 6 months later, I received an autographed photograph of him in the mail. It was addressed to me and I apparently lived in 'Edmondton" (dude doesn't even know how to spell the name of the city he played for). 

3. I took singing lessons for one year in grade 7 and at my recital, I sang "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. The best part? I was in full mermaid costume. 

4. At the age of 3, my brother peed in my eye. Yes, you read that correctly. Whilst having a bath together, my brother informed me that I "had a fire in my eye and he needed to put it out with his hose". When he put it like that, I had no choice but to have him extinguish the flames. I needed my eye, right? Wrong. That was just his way of peeing in it. 

5. While at a 98 Degrees concert, at age 13, I was approached about becoming a model. They fully recruited me from the massive line up of screaming, pubescent pre-teen girls screeching, awaiting the arrival of twenty-something-year-old men to serenade them. Clearly, that fell through.

6. At aforementioned concert, I was given a rose by Nick Lachey. That's right girls. I can feel your jealousy from here. He placed the single red rose right in my hand. He wanted me. 

And that concludes this edition of "I Bet You Didn't Know...". 

Thursday, April 11, 2013


As some of you already know, I have started with a personal trainer at Servus Place. I have purchased him (haha) for 8 sessions, 1 session per week. I have had 2 sessions already and feel stretched in my view of fitness and how I see myself on the 'fit' scale. Our first session was several fitness tests; these included: broad jumps, sprints, endurance and various strength exercises. This only solidified which I knew already - speed and endurance are my friend, strength is not. This past Tuesday, CJ (my trainer) gave me my workout plan. This is 3 workouts a week for the next 3 weeks, filling in the other days with cardio or drop-in classes.

Day 1 - Power: Olympic Lifting.
Day 2 - Strength: Box Jumps, Core med ball throws, Clamshells (conditioning the hips), Squats, Bench presses and Wide Grip Rows (all using a lot of weight... eek.)
Day 3 - Strength: Glute and Hamstring Raises, Plank with weight transfer, Chin ups, Dead lifts and Resistance Band Core work.

After leaving my session on Tuesday, I felt very discouraged. And nervous. And really sad. I was under the wrong impression that I was fit... in which yes, in some ways I am but fitness is not just endurance or conditioning. Nor is it just strength. Or flexibility. It is ALL OF THESE THINGS! I have no problem running 60 minutes at 7.5 mph working my way up to 9 mph but weightlifting? In the weight room? with other people around? Not my game. However, I signed up for this. My goal was exactly this: strength. And the only way to get stronger is to diligently do my work outs and put in the work. So, despite my anxiety, I did my Day 2 work out today. And guess what? I feel great!!! The first half of the workout was awesome! The second half, when I went to the weight room, I was so nervous. Luckily, just as I was approaching the squat rack, racking up my weights, in walks CJ! He spent a few minutes with me, helping me with technique and just encouraging me. He walked me through the rest of the workout and was so supportive and encouraging! One thing I learned: NO ONE CARES! No ones watching me or making fun of me or whatever I thought was going to happen. Nothing fell on me or crushed my chest nor did I squat and fall on my butt. I did it! And I am going to channel these empowering feelings into the rest of my program. I am looking so forward to increasing my weights and getting ripped! Haha!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Peas Thank You

I just ordered this cookbook from - $11.80! Besides that crazy cheap price, I am so excited for this little goodie to arrive in my mailbox! Sarah Matheny is a busy mom and has created an easy, super healthy, kid friendly recipe book. I am pumped. I never knew recipe books could get me so riled up with excitement! I'll let you know how it goes!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Mom

Just thought I would I dedicate an entire post to one of the most special people in my life, my Mom. 

us, Lombard Street, San Francisco circa 2009. (*note, a little 16 week old Isla in the oven)

My mom is one wonderful woman. She's kind, generous, spirited, sensitive, giving, supportive, determined, strong, faithful, loving and so much more. I am so thankful that she's MY mom. In my adulthood, and more specifically, since having my own ladies, my relationship with my mom has grown exponentially in strength and depth. Her generosity is unparalleled and I am so appreciative of all she does for my family. Babysitting, dinners out, girls weekends, date nights and kind words. Our relationship has gone from mother-daughter to great, life-long friends and really, what more could I ask for? I hope one day, my girls can look at me and call me a friend too. 

She's an inspiration to me on so many levels, but one main thing: she's a fighter. She fights for what she wants and her determination and drive are both admirable and encouraging. She has battled cancer at several points in her life and has always come out on top (she's kicked cancer's ass!). I am just so proud of her. I have learned a lot from my mom and after becoming a mom myself, my appreciation and understanding of her soared to new heights. There are things we do differently, most certainly, but there are definitely things I have learned from her and have incorporated them into my own parenting. 

All this to say that I am so incredibly blessed beyond measure to have the mom I have and one day, I want Isla and Annie to say that about me. Love you Mom!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5 Favorite Things...

April Edition.

1. Laughing Cow Cheeses - I have been buying the individually wrapped, spreadable soft cheeses in Garlic & Herb, Jalepeno and French Onion and I am obsessed! Best. Snack. Ever. I spread them on plain rice cakes or crackers and it's so delicious. Yumma Yumma!

2. The Voice - Adam Levine and Usher in one show? Holy Hannah. My Monday nights just got that much better! In all seriousness, I actually just love this show! The talent is incredible, the competitiveness of the judges and the way they interact with the hopefuls makes for some enjoyable, light TV. With a side of mega hotness. 

3. Gangsta's Paradise - Yes, as in Coolio's song from 'Dangerous Minds'. Such a great workout song. Belting it out as I squat or run makes for a great workout!

4. Gary Chapman's "The Five Love Languages" Book - Cam and I have been setting aside time each week to read out loud a chapter of this book and discuss it. I know we've read it before but it has been a really nice refresher. I look forward to this time, with the girlies asleep, the TV off and our minds and energy focused on our marriage. We have discovered a few interesting things during our study and have already noticed the benefits of this book on our relationship. 

5. Stove-top Oats - I eat oatmeal fairly often. And I've always made it in the microwave because it's quicker and some mornings, that's all I've got time for! However, I have been making them with the stove instead and what a difference! Soooo creamy and delicious. My new breakfast addiction. I mix up the flavors each time but my love affair with oats just got better!

And there you have it!