Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fourteen Months and Fabulous...

Annie is 14 months old today... no big deal really, other than the fact that SHE IS ALREADY 14 months! Holy Moses... I can hardly stand it. She brings Cam and I endless joy and laughs and love. She truly is one precious little lady. In keeping with this weeks theme, here is 5 facts about Annie.

1. She finally has teeth. 2 of them actually, right on the bottom and boy, are they priceless when she flashes that toothy grin. What a babe!

2. She is as goofy as anything. When I think of Annie, words that come to mind are: silly, goofy, playful, funny and fun loving. She is always throwing herself around... on furniture, on us, on Isla and giggling up a storm. Perhaps another word would be fearless. She is always flinging her body towards something, hoping an object such as a cushion or human arms will break her fall.

3. She does not sit still. For anything. Ever. She is constantly on the move. Always.

4. She is curious. This little princess gets into EVERYTHING. Whenever I open the pantry, she sneaks in. Whenever the fridge is open, she's in there too! An example: this morning, while eating my breakfast, I look up to the pantry to find Annie with her whole arm in an empty peanut butter jar, desperately trying to scrape some remnants off the sides to eat. This jar was at the BOTTOM of the recycling bag. She just has to get her paws on, in, around, on top of everything. /

5. She is a whole different cat than Isla. Completely different than Isla at this age, or at least from what I can remember. Wow. Can't wait to see what she blossoms into!

Annie is such a beauty, both inside and out and the amount of love and fulfillment she brings to my life is inexplicable. What a honey.

Ooh, and one more for good measure.

6. She is a bottomless pit. She will eat everything in sight. It is often me who ends her meals. Really, is one piece of toast, a full banana and a cup of yogurt not enough for one baby for breakfast? Sheesh.

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