Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Who's Who?

Just for fun: Which one is Isla and which one is Annie?


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Easter Extravaganza!

As Isla gets older, holidays grow more and more exciting. She is beginning to get pumped about things and is eager to participate in various festivities. This Easter, we decided to do an easter egg hunt at Chris and Nicole's house with their girls (Isla's cousins of course). Aunty Coe Coe bought the girls bunny ears and baskets... too cute! We hid a multitude of treats around their home and Maddie, Kenzie & Isla went to town (Annie sat this one out... maybe next year). It was really cute watching the wheels turn in her mind as she figured out exactly what to do... and what the reward was. "Open teat" (which is Isla speak for treat). She couldn't get enough.

Nicole getting Isla all 'bunnied' up.

*Mom, look! Found one!*

the cutest bunnies in the world.

We also decorated Easter Eggs with Nana! My parents came over with baskets for the girls (and a bag full of goodies for us too) and we decided to do some egg decorating as well! However, this activity proved more for our pleasure than for Isla's... regardless, a fun way to spend a morning!

Isla wanted to paint the eggs... *note, the paintbrush.

she also wanted to eat the eggs... here she is with a half-eaten hard boiled egg

ta-daaaa! The finished products.