Sunday, January 22, 2012

AG Photography

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend an hour of shooting time with the very talented Amanda Gallant from AG Photography. I have had photos taken with her twice in the past and have been incredibly happy with both shoots. I really wanted to take some beautiful maternity pictures to document this pregnancy in a very special way. We met at an empty warehouse/loft and spent the hour in conversation, in poses, in pretty clothes, in an inspiring location and in awe of pregnancy. She sent me a little teaser last night and I just simply cannot wait to see the rest. Here you go.

photo courtesy of AG Photography

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Goal Dress

Being a pregnant woman can be difficult in many ways. One way is watching the scale increase from month to month, then biweekly and near the end, EVERY week. It's not the easiest pill to swallow gaining 26 pounds (thus far) in 8 months. I know what you're all thinking... and yes, I know it's good, I know it's healthy & normal & necessary & good for baby. It's still a little gut wrenching some days.

Since Annie is due in February, I figured an awesome 'goal' outfit was in order for the summer. As I was surfing the Anthropologie website (I do this daily and simultaneously, mourn the loss of my 40% discount), I came across The Bike Lane Dress and instantly I knew, this was it. So, I convinced Cam of this purchase (thank goodness for Christmas and generous gift card givers). I ordered it online and am expecting it mere days before Annie's arrival. I am going to hang it in the kitchen and every time I want to indulge, post Annie, I have a gentle reminder that this awesome dress isn't going to get any bigger. I know this sounds lame and most likely quite vain, but I look at it as simple motivation. Here it is:


The Latest...

Yesterday I needed to go for another ultra sound just to check things out. Here she is:

here is her side profile: look closely and you can see her forehead, her nose and her big pouty lips

here is a facial shot: you can see her one eye, her nose and her mouth stretched across her beautiful face.

It's hard to believe it's a mere 4 weeks away. After seeing her yesterday, I am getting more excited by the day to meet our second little lady. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Yesterday, January 6th was Isla's 2nd birthday! Incredible really. She LOVED the gifts, the extra special attention, the cake, the treats and of course, the company! She walked around ALL day saying "Happy"... partly because she was happy and partly because it was her birthday. Too cute.

My 2 year old little lady, first thing in the morning!

The day started off with an extra special, extra delicious and made-with-love breakfast: a 2 shaped, chocolate pancake with bacon... MMMM.

Then she opened her gift from us: A NEW TRIKE!

As you all know, Isla LOVES animals and since she loves them so much, we decided to take her out to pick out her VERY OWN fish! She is so smitten with her new friend, Bubba. He is in her room and she just watches him with love and admiration. Simply the cutest.


 Our whole family came over to celebrate with us. We made Isla's favorite meal... HOTDOGS!


Time to blow out her 2 candles on her very special Dora cake, made especially with love from Nana & Popi (and the Grandin Bakery, of course). 

 A little help from Mom.

 After all the festivities of the day, our little lady was tuckered right out. She had a wonderful day watching Bubba, playing with her cousins and getting spoiled! 

Thanks everyone for loving our little girl and contributing to such a special, memorable day!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Isla had never been bowling before... until NOW! AND, twice in one week! Unfortunately, the first bowling experience I neglected to bring my camera (I know, terrible mom, right?). Isla's second time bowling, however, I was prepared. On New Year's Day, Momo decided to take the family bowling and then for pizza! Isla just LOVES pushing the ball down the ramp thing (do not know the ACTUAL name of this contraption) but could care less about watching it knock down the pins.

Why is everything so much more fun with a kid? It's just so incredible to watch your child discover new surroundings, new activites... such a wonderful part of being a mother! Here's some pics...

Christmas 2011

A late Christmas post is better than none at all... right? RIGHT?

Christmas was incredible this year... as it is every year, but with Isla getting older and understanding parts of Christmas, it brings a whole new element of fun, joy and excitement to each celebration. Here's a photo tour through all of our festivities. (And it allows Cam and I to be kids again!)

Christmas Eve morning at my parents

"Sue-Sue & Ba-Bock" reading to Isla

Nana & Popi, Christmas Eve

Us, heading to the Christmas Eve service from my parents

Cookies, milk and a note for Santa

Isla helping Daddy make Christmas morning Frittata


Isla's new table & chairs for her room

Christmas Day at Momo's

The Fam.

Santa (Kenzie) and Isla

Tuckered out after a day of sweets, treats and fun!

One last one of Isla and her choo-choo!