Monday, August 30, 2010


I do believe Fall is in the air. It's cold. It's gloomy. It's grey. And there is leaves on the ground. *Tear*. But there is good news. Fall brings super cute clothes and the most adorable toque ever on our little lady. Just gush over her in these next few photos... I certainly did this morning before we headed out on a mother/daughter date to Whyte. Fall also brings new shoes for me... Well, new Desert Boots to be exact. Hooray!

2 Little Monsters go GAGA

This past weekend was one of epic proportions! Nicole, my lovely and beautiful sister in law and I went to see none other than THE LADY GAGA in concert at Rexall Place. But that's not it. How could it get any better you ask? Well, our wonderful husbands set us up on a weekend of rest, relaxation and fun fun fun! We spent the ENTIRE weekend shacked up in The Met Hotel on Whyte as our husbands stayed at home and spent the weekend with our kiddies! What a great time we had!
We decided to go big or go home when it came to GAGA, so we went full out and got our make up done (which I have only done twice, but this event definitely warranted it). Now, as epic as the weekend was, my stupid camera died halfway through GAGA so I have no pictures to document our weekend of laughs, memories and REST REST REST (which might be good, because all you would see are photos of us sleeping). I suppose that is what you do when you get away from kiddies for a period of time is sleep uninterrupted and nap as much as humanly possible! We woke up at 11:30am on Saturday morning and went right back to bed at 1pm for a delicious nap, after filling our bellies with friendly burritos (that indeed were NOT friendly at all as the spice nearly burnt my lips off) and breakfast bagels. We dragged our buts out of bed on Saturday afternoon at 2:45 and headed to the mall for a movie and pizza. We saw "The Other Guys" with Will and Marky Mark and laughed, and then laughed some more. A great movie for all... well, not for kids of course. We then headed back to the hotel to laze some more and finally went to Chianti's for a delightful candlelit dinner! To delicious for words! Our bed, once again, roped us back into it at 9:30pm, where we drifted off to a 12 hour sleep at 11pm. All in all, an INCREDIBLY fun, delightfully entertaining and relaxing weekend with one of my all time favorite people! Enjoy some photos.

Friday, August 27, 2010

California Girls... and Boys.

Yesterday in Edmonton was an absolutely beautiful day, which I think is going to be the last one until next summer (a depressing thought indeed). To celebrate the glorious, California-like (hence the name of this post) sun, Isla and I and some great friends headed to Fort Saskatchewan to Lion's Gate wading pool. What a perfect day in the sun! Isla was like a fish in the water, large in part due to Aunty Amber's floating turtle!! She swam around in her Lil' Swimmers diaper and enjoyed every second of her nearly naked body glinting in the sun (she is so white, she is almost like a mini Edward Cullen... minus the sparkles).  I had a fantastic time with some wonderful mom friends and their super cute kiddies. 6 moms, 10 kids = a truly beautiful day. Here are some pics of the day. Enjoy.
This pic is pre-wading pool, but her flower is just too delicious to not display.

Kyla, Torin and Isla sunbathing. Clearly, Amber and I have great taste in clothes. Look at how monstrous Isla looks in comparison. Too cute for words. And I must say, Torin is a lucky man to be sandwiched between these beauties.

Isla and Martin... chillin' poolside.
Danielle, Ladonna and Jessica with some kiddies; Atticus, Everlea Martin and Nolan.
Mother and Daughter.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hippos and More

Not much to say today but some super cute photo's of Isla to share with you!
We just received Isla's Hippo Table Seat in the mail and it is the best thing ever! She loves it. Her tiny feet dangle and she just kicks up a storm under there. She looks like such a big girl sitting in her chair at the table with us. We ordered it on-line from Babies' R' Us (you can't buy it in the actual store for some ridiculous reason and after frequenting the web page several times a day, it was finally in-stock, HOORAY). Also, please take notice of the sweet potatoes and turkey dinner smeared across her face... one of her favorite supper time indulgences.

Isla playing in a blanket. Our bear is just the cutest, isn't she? Love her so. 

Yesterday, was Uncle Brock's (my brother) 28th Birthday and today we all went to The Outback for dinner (which was SO delicious and I completely engaged in one of the deadly sins... gluttony). We had such a great time with our family... family really is the best, isn't it? 
Gotta love Isla's lumberjack shirt (which is actually her good friend Wren's shirt... thanks Wren for letting me wear it). Too cute for words... although, it does SORT OF create a little gender confusion, so also take note of the pink floral onesie underneath. Me, (aka - DEER IN HEADLIGHTS), Isla and my gorgeous sis-in-law Suzanne. 

Isla giving Brock some sleepy snuggles. So adorable. He loves loves loves her (cousins maybe coming soon)?
All in all, it's been a great couple of days. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gold Shoes, Mustaches and New Clothes

What a busy weekend in the Schellenberg household, let me tell you. Saturday brought a new pair of shoes for Isla, a sleepover at Momo's (Cam's mom), a par-tay for Cam and I and an all girls clothing swap on Sunday.
As we were going through Isla's haul of belongings, we discovered the most amazingly delightful 1980's-style gold shoes, courtesy of Aunty Nicole. These shoes are just the cutest ever! EVER. We put them on her and she was just such a sight. See for yourselves.
Cam had just put these on her and she was discovering their awesomeness when we snapped this one up. Too delicious for words. Here's one more.
So, after an afternoon of Isla in her goldies, we dropped her off at Momo's house for a super fun sleepover. Cam and I headed to our friend's place for a mexican themed going away party for our wonderful friends, Dallas and Rachel Synchyshyn. This party was entitled 'Mustachio Bashio'. What does that mean you ask? Well, in order to be let in to this par-tay, we needed to have a mustache. Now, I was all for this idea (kind of), but I wasn't about to pop some testosterone in hopes of sprouting a little ginger stache, so instead, I opted for some brown eye liner and my upper lip. I thought it was pretty hot.
One word to describe this - sexy.
But... you ain't seen nothing yet. Cam went full out. He looks.... well, as inappropriate as this may be, he looks like a 60's porn star... in a good way?!
Needless to say, we had a very fun-filled evening with many many great friends. Mustaches and all (mine sweat off as it was EXTREMELY warm).
Sunday brought what is called a clothing swap (only the best thing ever). My friend Amy hosted a party where all the girls invited went through their closets and collected their unwanted clothes, bagged them up (with love) and brought them over to exchange them for other peoples 'trash', which quickly became my treasures. Thanks for a great afternoon of meeting new people, visiting with old friends and shopping  till I dropped (literally, I was exhausted). Here are my amazing finds.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


So, last night I went out with a dear friend and saw "The Switch", the new movie starring my latest celebrity crush, the one and only Jason Bateman (so funny and so handsome, even though he has a squinty man-boy face) and that chick from 'Friends' (seriously, no one cares about her in this film... Jason's wit and charm outshines her at all points). This is a must-see event. Get ready to laugh and cry, sympathize and empathize, fall in love with the delightfully odd Sebastian and roll your eyes at the cheesy Rolland (or just want to punch him in the face). I recommend this one to all.
Where was Isla in all of this? As much as I think she would appreciate this film's brilliance, she opted out of this one and decided to stay at home with Dad (which she would enjoy MUCH more anyways). As I was sitting in the theater, Cam sent me this photo to my cell... which caused me to laugh and question his parenting skills all at the same time. I kid I kid.

This is Isla's bumface. And yes, she certainly is winking at you. Once in a while, her bumface appears and it makes us laugh. Please, enjoy.

Mr. Bateman. Enjoy him as well.

And a couple more of Isla... just because. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Me, A Blog?

I have decided that I am going to start a blog. Why you ask? Well, I'm not sure really. My life isn't really all that interesting, but I definitely think it is worth documenting... even if Amy is the only person who reads it. My first official blog post, however, is alluding me... not really sure what to say. 
The reason I am starting this is because I want to have a hobby. Maybe blogging is that hobby?? I am willing to try. My husband, Cam, has plenty of hobbies and talents too. He is really handsome (which is neither a hobby or a talent, but certainly something worth mentioning). He plays tennis, he paints, he plays hockey (which is definitely more of a hobby than a talent... don't tell him I said that) but I, much to my dismay, do not have a talent, nor a hobby and I have been on the search for one. Plus, I have this really cool thing in my life that I REALLY love talking about. Her name is Isla and not only is she my daughter, but she is simply the coolest kid around. Hence the name of the blog - 2 Girls (Isla and me), A Guy (Cam) and the stories of our life. 

Here is Cam and Isla in our nifty little hiking backpack. Look how happy she is on Daddy's back. Life is SO great when Daddy is around.

Here is our beauty. Notice her little hand... maybe bull riding in her future?

Us. (photo courtesy of AG Photography)

Isla in the tub... bathing is one of Isla's favorite activities (which she doesn't get from me... if good hygiene wasn't so important, I'm not sure I would bathe regularly)

And this last one of the day is Isla and me in Whiterock, BC. This was her very first ocean experience and she loved it. 

So, here is a random post and random photos of us... a little snapshot of our lives. More to come.