Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gold Shoes, Mustaches and New Clothes

What a busy weekend in the Schellenberg household, let me tell you. Saturday brought a new pair of shoes for Isla, a sleepover at Momo's (Cam's mom), a par-tay for Cam and I and an all girls clothing swap on Sunday.
As we were going through Isla's haul of belongings, we discovered the most amazingly delightful 1980's-style gold shoes, courtesy of Aunty Nicole. These shoes are just the cutest ever! EVER. We put them on her and she was just such a sight. See for yourselves.
Cam had just put these on her and she was discovering their awesomeness when we snapped this one up. Too delicious for words. Here's one more.
So, after an afternoon of Isla in her goldies, we dropped her off at Momo's house for a super fun sleepover. Cam and I headed to our friend's place for a mexican themed going away party for our wonderful friends, Dallas and Rachel Synchyshyn. This party was entitled 'Mustachio Bashio'. What does that mean you ask? Well, in order to be let in to this par-tay, we needed to have a mustache. Now, I was all for this idea (kind of), but I wasn't about to pop some testosterone in hopes of sprouting a little ginger stache, so instead, I opted for some brown eye liner and my upper lip. I thought it was pretty hot.
One word to describe this - sexy.
But... you ain't seen nothing yet. Cam went full out. He looks.... well, as inappropriate as this may be, he looks like a 60's porn star... in a good way?!
Needless to say, we had a very fun-filled evening with many many great friends. Mustaches and all (mine sweat off as it was EXTREMELY warm).
Sunday brought what is called a clothing swap (only the best thing ever). My friend Amy hosted a party where all the girls invited went through their closets and collected their unwanted clothes, bagged them up (with love) and brought them over to exchange them for other peoples 'trash', which quickly became my treasures. Thanks for a great afternoon of meeting new people, visiting with old friends and shopping  till I dropped (literally, I was exhausted). Here are my amazing finds.

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