Friday, August 20, 2010

Me, A Blog?

I have decided that I am going to start a blog. Why you ask? Well, I'm not sure really. My life isn't really all that interesting, but I definitely think it is worth documenting... even if Amy is the only person who reads it. My first official blog post, however, is alluding me... not really sure what to say. 
The reason I am starting this is because I want to have a hobby. Maybe blogging is that hobby?? I am willing to try. My husband, Cam, has plenty of hobbies and talents too. He is really handsome (which is neither a hobby or a talent, but certainly something worth mentioning). He plays tennis, he paints, he plays hockey (which is definitely more of a hobby than a talent... don't tell him I said that) but I, much to my dismay, do not have a talent, nor a hobby and I have been on the search for one. Plus, I have this really cool thing in my life that I REALLY love talking about. Her name is Isla and not only is she my daughter, but she is simply the coolest kid around. Hence the name of the blog - 2 Girls (Isla and me), A Guy (Cam) and the stories of our life. 

Here is Cam and Isla in our nifty little hiking backpack. Look how happy she is on Daddy's back. Life is SO great when Daddy is around.

Here is our beauty. Notice her little hand... maybe bull riding in her future?

Us. (photo courtesy of AG Photography)

Isla in the tub... bathing is one of Isla's favorite activities (which she doesn't get from me... if good hygiene wasn't so important, I'm not sure I would bathe regularly)

And this last one of the day is Isla and me in Whiterock, BC. This was her very first ocean experience and she loved it. 

So, here is a random post and random photos of us... a little snapshot of our lives. More to come.

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  1. Looks like FUN! You have a beautiful family, and I will be seeing 2 of you in 2 more days. (or so).