Saturday, August 21, 2010


So, last night I went out with a dear friend and saw "The Switch", the new movie starring my latest celebrity crush, the one and only Jason Bateman (so funny and so handsome, even though he has a squinty man-boy face) and that chick from 'Friends' (seriously, no one cares about her in this film... Jason's wit and charm outshines her at all points). This is a must-see event. Get ready to laugh and cry, sympathize and empathize, fall in love with the delightfully odd Sebastian and roll your eyes at the cheesy Rolland (or just want to punch him in the face). I recommend this one to all.
Where was Isla in all of this? As much as I think she would appreciate this film's brilliance, she opted out of this one and decided to stay at home with Dad (which she would enjoy MUCH more anyways). As I was sitting in the theater, Cam sent me this photo to my cell... which caused me to laugh and question his parenting skills all at the same time. I kid I kid.

This is Isla's bumface. And yes, she certainly is winking at you. Once in a while, her bumface appears and it makes us laugh. Please, enjoy.

Mr. Bateman. Enjoy him as well.

And a couple more of Isla... just because. 

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