Friday, August 27, 2010

California Girls... and Boys.

Yesterday in Edmonton was an absolutely beautiful day, which I think is going to be the last one until next summer (a depressing thought indeed). To celebrate the glorious, California-like (hence the name of this post) sun, Isla and I and some great friends headed to Fort Saskatchewan to Lion's Gate wading pool. What a perfect day in the sun! Isla was like a fish in the water, large in part due to Aunty Amber's floating turtle!! She swam around in her Lil' Swimmers diaper and enjoyed every second of her nearly naked body glinting in the sun (she is so white, she is almost like a mini Edward Cullen... minus the sparkles).  I had a fantastic time with some wonderful mom friends and their super cute kiddies. 6 moms, 10 kids = a truly beautiful day. Here are some pics of the day. Enjoy.
This pic is pre-wading pool, but her flower is just too delicious to not display.

Kyla, Torin and Isla sunbathing. Clearly, Amber and I have great taste in clothes. Look at how monstrous Isla looks in comparison. Too cute for words. And I must say, Torin is a lucky man to be sandwiched between these beauties.

Isla and Martin... chillin' poolside.
Danielle, Ladonna and Jessica with some kiddies; Atticus, Everlea Martin and Nolan.
Mother and Daughter.

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