Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hippos and More

Not much to say today but some super cute photo's of Isla to share with you!
We just received Isla's Hippo Table Seat in the mail and it is the best thing ever! She loves it. Her tiny feet dangle and she just kicks up a storm under there. She looks like such a big girl sitting in her chair at the table with us. We ordered it on-line from Babies' R' Us (you can't buy it in the actual store for some ridiculous reason and after frequenting the web page several times a day, it was finally in-stock, HOORAY). Also, please take notice of the sweet potatoes and turkey dinner smeared across her face... one of her favorite supper time indulgences.

Isla playing in a blanket. Our bear is just the cutest, isn't she? Love her so. 

Yesterday, was Uncle Brock's (my brother) 28th Birthday and today we all went to The Outback for dinner (which was SO delicious and I completely engaged in one of the deadly sins... gluttony). We had such a great time with our family... family really is the best, isn't it? 
Gotta love Isla's lumberjack shirt (which is actually her good friend Wren's shirt... thanks Wren for letting me wear it). Too cute for words... although, it does SORT OF create a little gender confusion, so also take note of the pink floral onesie underneath. Me, (aka - DEER IN HEADLIGHTS), Isla and my gorgeous sis-in-law Suzanne. 

Isla giving Brock some sleepy snuggles. So adorable. He loves loves loves her (cousins maybe coming soon)?
All in all, it's been a great couple of days. 


  1. the lumberjack shirt! that is so funny. i didn't actually mean to send that your way because i didn't think you would want a boy's shirt, it was just too small. cute!