Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Goal Dress

Being a pregnant woman can be difficult in many ways. One way is watching the scale increase from month to month, then biweekly and near the end, EVERY week. It's not the easiest pill to swallow gaining 26 pounds (thus far) in 8 months. I know what you're all thinking... and yes, I know it's good, I know it's healthy & normal & necessary & good for baby. It's still a little gut wrenching some days.

Since Annie is due in February, I figured an awesome 'goal' outfit was in order for the summer. As I was surfing the Anthropologie website (I do this daily and simultaneously, mourn the loss of my 40% discount), I came across The Bike Lane Dress and instantly I knew, this was it. So, I convinced Cam of this purchase (thank goodness for Christmas and generous gift card givers). I ordered it online and am expecting it mere days before Annie's arrival. I am going to hang it in the kitchen and every time I want to indulge, post Annie, I have a gentle reminder that this awesome dress isn't going to get any bigger. I know this sounds lame and most likely quite vain, but I look at it as simple motivation. Here it is:


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