Thursday, April 11, 2013


As some of you already know, I have started with a personal trainer at Servus Place. I have purchased him (haha) for 8 sessions, 1 session per week. I have had 2 sessions already and feel stretched in my view of fitness and how I see myself on the 'fit' scale. Our first session was several fitness tests; these included: broad jumps, sprints, endurance and various strength exercises. This only solidified which I knew already - speed and endurance are my friend, strength is not. This past Tuesday, CJ (my trainer) gave me my workout plan. This is 3 workouts a week for the next 3 weeks, filling in the other days with cardio or drop-in classes.

Day 1 - Power: Olympic Lifting.
Day 2 - Strength: Box Jumps, Core med ball throws, Clamshells (conditioning the hips), Squats, Bench presses and Wide Grip Rows (all using a lot of weight... eek.)
Day 3 - Strength: Glute and Hamstring Raises, Plank with weight transfer, Chin ups, Dead lifts and Resistance Band Core work.

After leaving my session on Tuesday, I felt very discouraged. And nervous. And really sad. I was under the wrong impression that I was fit... in which yes, in some ways I am but fitness is not just endurance or conditioning. Nor is it just strength. Or flexibility. It is ALL OF THESE THINGS! I have no problem running 60 minutes at 7.5 mph working my way up to 9 mph but weightlifting? In the weight room? with other people around? Not my game. However, I signed up for this. My goal was exactly this: strength. And the only way to get stronger is to diligently do my work outs and put in the work. So, despite my anxiety, I did my Day 2 work out today. And guess what? I feel great!!! The first half of the workout was awesome! The second half, when I went to the weight room, I was so nervous. Luckily, just as I was approaching the squat rack, racking up my weights, in walks CJ! He spent a few minutes with me, helping me with technique and just encouraging me. He walked me through the rest of the workout and was so supportive and encouraging! One thing I learned: NO ONE CARES! No ones watching me or making fun of me or whatever I thought was going to happen. Nothing fell on me or crushed my chest nor did I squat and fall on my butt. I did it! And I am going to channel these empowering feelings into the rest of my program. I am looking so forward to increasing my weights and getting ripped! Haha!

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