Monday, April 22, 2013

My Lovely Isla

I thought I would do an entire post dedicated to all that is my Isla... 5 facts about her and how incredible she is.

1. She is hilarious: Isla cracks us up multiple times a day. She says the funniest things, makes the funniest faces, plays cute games with Annie, always teases and just brings joy wherever she goes. One of my favorite quotes came yesterday... She opened the toilet lid and their was some remaining poop fragments in the toilet. Isla's response was "Ewww, someone took a steamy dump in here". She's so charming, right?

2. Isla is a girly girl: When Isla wakes up at 6 am, her first instinct is to reach for her princess skirt and her ballet shoes. She constantly wears a poofy, frilly skirt and her sparkly shoes... both of which she changes multiple times a day.

3. Isla is obsessed with dancing: Everything is dancing. Dance around the living room, dance on the table, dance under the table, dance naked, dance in winter boots, dance in the bathtub, dance in bed, dance on the bed, dance with me, dance alone... you name it, she dances. And not just in our home either... dance at the gym, dance in the grocery store, dance in any store... dance anywhere. Her frequently repeated phrase of "Want to see my dance class?" is repeated numerous times a day... this is simply inviting you to watch her dance. It is priceless.

4. Isla is empathetic: Whenever someone is upset, Isla feels it. When I am frustrated or sad, Isla knows and her first response is to say "It's ok Mommy. You're a strong girl. Don't be sad" or some form of these comforting words. She wipes my tears, she hugs me and she takes care of me. It warms my heart. She also does this with Annie (of course not all the time because sometimes she is the cause of Annie's tears). If Annie is upset, she gives her a big hug or makes a silly face to help her feel better, or hands her a stuffed animal or puts her soother back in. She wants to make things better by offering her help. She feels people's hurts and responds with pure love.

5. Isla is A Type: yes, I know what you are all thinking. She is exactly like me. She likes routine, she has a hard time adjusting to change, she's tired at the same times, she eats at the same times and the same foods (when I find a breakfast I like, I eat it everyday for months), she's extremely particular when it comes to bedtime rituals and such things. She's not so particular with cleanliness (much like me) or having things in a certain order, but she is A Type when it comes to planning things, knowing what's happening and being prepared for what's to come. She wakes up, puts on her skirt and shoes and then asks me "What are we doing today?" When I respond, it's the bible. If I vary from what I originally told her, yikes, we are in trouble. She does not respond well to last minute changes (again, SO much like me). Like mommy like daughter I suppose.

I am just falling more and more in love with her these days as her sweet, kind and tender personality unravels. She's such a beauty!

* us, at the ASAC Fundraising Gala yesterday*

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