Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5 Favorite Things...

April Edition.

1. Laughing Cow Cheeses - I have been buying the individually wrapped, spreadable soft cheeses in Garlic & Herb, Jalepeno and French Onion and I am obsessed! Best. Snack. Ever. I spread them on plain rice cakes or crackers and it's so delicious. Yumma Yumma!

2. The Voice - Adam Levine and Usher in one show? Holy Hannah. My Monday nights just got that much better! In all seriousness, I actually just love this show! The talent is incredible, the competitiveness of the judges and the way they interact with the hopefuls makes for some enjoyable, light TV. With a side of mega hotness. 

3. Gangsta's Paradise - Yes, as in Coolio's song from 'Dangerous Minds'. Such a great workout song. Belting it out as I squat or run makes for a great workout!

4. Gary Chapman's "The Five Love Languages" Book - Cam and I have been setting aside time each week to read out loud a chapter of this book and discuss it. I know we've read it before but it has been a really nice refresher. I look forward to this time, with the girlies asleep, the TV off and our minds and energy focused on our marriage. We have discovered a few interesting things during our study and have already noticed the benefits of this book on our relationship. 

5. Stove-top Oats - I eat oatmeal fairly often. And I've always made it in the microwave because it's quicker and some mornings, that's all I've got time for! However, I have been making them with the stove instead and what a difference! Soooo creamy and delicious. My new breakfast addiction. I mix up the flavors each time but my love affair with oats just got better!

And there you have it!

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