Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So, our morning routine consists of:
7ish - Waking up
7:02 - Watching Sesame Street (and she actually does watch it... sure she plays too, but she seriously LOVES it... so do I)
Today, we were learning all about Camouflage. As I was watching, I was reminded of these super adorable photo's of Isla playing in the leaves in the back yard. Now, I know I have already done a 'Fall' post, but these need to be shared.
Where's Isla? Her nice orange shirt really compliments these fall colors. Or shall I say... she is Camouflaged?

Not that Isla is a big girl, but the belly on this kid is one of epic proportions. At my 35 week ultrasound, the technician did say that her belly was THE biggest she had ever seen. Things haven't changed. Take note here that Isla's snap on her jeans is undone. Her belly is simply too big to be contained in the waist of these jeans. I do it up, she breathes out, snap undone. 

Eating Leaves. 
Man, I love this girl. 

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