Monday, September 6, 2010

8 Months

Isla is eight months already!!! Wow... can you believe it? The time has whipped by, and with each new month and stage of life, both Cam and I are continuing to fall more and more in love with her (is it EVEN possible)? She is REALLY wanting to crawl, but not quite there yet. We will sit her on her bum and 10 seconds later, she is right on her belly, bum up and trying her hardest to be mobile. Soon. She is also trying to pull her little body up on EVERYTHING possible. She isn't quite standing up, but she gets those knees under her... she isn't quite sure what to do with her little feet though. She is entirely too much most days... I just watch her, snuggle her and play with her and I am amazed how each new 'thing' brings me to tears. She is laughing, smiling, clapping and dancing every chance she can. She does the cutest little bum wiggles to the beat of the music (this girl has got serious rhythm... I definitely see music and dance her future). She has also discovered her tongue and Cam and I often hear her making farting noises and blowing spit bubbles. Sleep is still something my darling has not yet mastered... but we are hoping one day soon we will get a full night's rest. She still has 3 teeth and that 2nd top tooth has yet to make an appearance (please come SOON because sometimes you make my daughter acutely miserable). And I have these awful thoughts that she might be a 'Shiloh Pitt' and only have one top tooth, which is both silly and mystifying at the same time. She eats a large variety of foods and her favorite snacks are Cheerio's and Mum Mums. She still thoroughly enjoys her baths and her bath toys. She is changing, learning and growing daily. I haven't gotten her weighed yet, but I am guessing she is topping the charts at 17-18 pounds. We just love her to bits. She is our little world. Here are some photo's of her 8th month of life.

She was trying to stand in this one. She was using her toy to assist her... notice she is on her little knees but just can't quite get those feet out.

Isla's 'mad' face... she really wants to crawl. 

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