Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jolly Jumper Hate-On

Ok. So I have discovered that babies change SO much. Rapidly, crazily, daily... never stop changing. One day, Isla loves sweet potatoes, the next day she hates them. One day, she loves being on a walk (literally, we went on a walk with dear friends on a Tuesday... she was mostly pleasant. I did the same walk 2 days later, and she was miserable and screaming), then she hates it. Same goes with the Jolly Jumper. We have had it for a while now, and when we first got it, Isla was tickled pink. She would just jump and swing and twirl with nothing but pure joy on her face.
This photo was taken back in June... notice the smile, the look of happiness radiating from her face. Now...

It's hard to tell here, but her legs are off the ground and she is very upset. She is refusing to jump and protesting that her awful parents would subject her to such misery. Oh Isla.

It's okay though. I just love her so much. Watching her change and grow is just the best. Here are 2 more pictures... just for funsies. 

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