Thursday, September 9, 2010

The First Canadian Tennis Superstar

As some of you may know, Cam (and consequently, me) love tennis. Everything about it, we love. Cam loves watching it, playing it and learning all about it. I just mainly watch... especially when Roger Federer is playing. He is my favorite. Because of this love of tennis, our ultimate desire for Isla is that she too, will love watching tennis, playing tennis and trying her little hardest to learn as much as she can (okay, maybe not our ULTIMATE desire for her life, but one of the many many many we have for her). And let's be serious, can't you just picture her all Nike-d out in one of those adorable, yet sporty tennis outfits? Too much. Today, Cam introduced her to the sport. He taught her all about rackets... how to hold one, how to serve and especially how to taste the handle to make sure you pick the perfect racket. He even let her play with some tennis balls. Check out what he captured. Darn cute I tell you.
The headband = Priceless.


  1. So sweet! I've always wanted to learn to play Tennis.

  2. Is it sweat...or drool? Let's hope by time she's ready to play she has mastered not drooling all over her own shirt :)