Sunday, September 19, 2010

He Just Keeps Getting Better With Age

Today is Cam's 27th Birthday. As I was writing his card, I was reflecting on the fact that I have been in Cam's life since he was 18. This is the 9th birthday we have celebrated together... a crazy thought really. And as the saying goes, it certainly rings true for Cam. He is an amazing man, a forgiving & loving husband and an absolutely incredible father. He really truly does get better with age. To celebrate, Aunty Nicole willingly volunteered to hang out with Isla while Cam and I went to Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria for dinner last night. A-MAZING. We shared 2 enormous, impeccable pizza's and for dessert, we had a Nutella Pizza, complete with real pizza dough and banana's and heaps upon heaps of delicious whipped cream. We were glutenous and it was just perfect. Afterwards, we came home to some friends at our place and had a lovely time sitting around a warm and cozy fire. All in all, a flawless evening.
Us, on our way to Famoso.

Today brought us church and then a lunch date at our friends place. Our hosts made scrumptious Beef Wellington, mashed potatoes and salad... a feast fit for royalty. And for dessert, home made brownies. YUM. We had a lovely time sipping tea (the boys sipped 'Birthday Scotch'), chatting and watching our children play together. A great way to spend a birthday Cam says. Tonight, Isla and I sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed some home-made birthday cake (which was anything but tasty... but Cam still choked it down 'cause that's the kinda guy he is). He blew out his candles and has no girlfriends... lucky for me :) I captured some moments on film. Take a look. 
My awesome cake.
Isla helping Mommy sing and Daddy blow out the candles.
Notice the icing on Isla's fingers... she just wanted that cake so bad.

Isla's face after tasting the icing - droolworthy. 

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  1. oh my gosh, isla's drool bib is hilarious. you are so cute, i am sure the cake wasn't THAT bad!!