Monday, January 7, 2013

"Princess Birthday Girl has Boogers".

Yesterday was Isla's 3rd birthday. Wow. It's hard to believe that she has been in our lives for 3 whole years. She is such a kind, loving, energetic, intelligent, sensitive and funny little girl. Also stubborn, bossy, determined, independent (with certain things), sleepless and a tad more grumpy than usual. But she's mine and she's incredible. I love her so insanely much and was honored to celebrate her little life all weekend long.

On Saturday, I decided to have a little get together at my fave location, Vi's for Pies. A Princess Party. I invited 3 dear friends and their daughters to join our celebration, complete with tiaras for all the girlies (only Wren and Kinley wore them). All the girlies dressed up in party dresses and it was just too cute! I ordered a peanut butter mousse pie in advance and we sang to Isla as she blew out her candles. We opened gifts, did crafts and chatted! The girls played with balloons and had fun too! I know Isla and I had a great time! I am so appreciative of all the love showered upon her. It warms my heart to know that Isla is loved by so many. This was a very fun way to celebrate her!

The birthday girl and I.

Becky and her daughter, Livi. (well, the back of her head).

Amy and her daugther, Wren.

Amber and her oldest daugher, Kinley.

Isla licking her candles!

Wren, Kyla, Isla, Kinley and Livi. Such adorable girls in their party dresses!

And princess Annie-Roo stopped by for a little visit too!

Yesterday, we had family over for cake, coffee and other little goodies! The whole clan made it out, apart from Uncle Brock and Auntie Sue who are soaking up the Florida sun (lucky duckies). Like I said already, it just makes me feel so loved to know how loved Isla is. It was evident in our families taking the time to come over and celebrate her and for showering her with gifts of love. I am just so thankful for my family and I couldn't raise my girlies without their constant love, support and encouragement. Thanks guys! I know Isla loves her Nana and Popi, Momo, Uncle Tis and Auntie Coe-Coe, Maddie and Kenzie, Uncle Casey and Hillaee (Hillary) and Uncle Ba Bock and Auntie Sue Sue so much. She felt very loved. 

Birthday girl with her birthday breakfast (a pancake shaped into a 3) on her birthday chair.

A princess art set from Mom and Dad!

opening gifts!


Princess Cake

gearing up to blow out her candles!

All 4 Schellenberg girls. 

The most flattering photo of Cam and Auntie Coe Coe.

All in all, a wonderful day! I know Isla felt super special from sun up to sun down and that's all a mom can ask for! Happy Birthday Babe!

ps - the name of this blog comes from a quote of Isla's as she picked her nose while looking in her new mirror!


  1. Cute! love Nicole's hair too. and annie in the tiara, what a babe!

  2. What a great weekend!! (I had no idea you went to Vi's for a princess party!! What a wonderful idea!!!) Love all the princesses!

  3. it was super cute! It was kinda an after thought after Christmas... I thought I should sort of plan something... haha :) It was easy. Didn't need to book anything!