Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Little Gymnast.

Isla started gymnastics today at Dynamyx Gymnastics Club in St. Albert. She is in an un-parented class with 4 other kids. After her epic tantrum this morning, going to gymnastics was all she talked about it. "I'm so excited for gymnastics". "We going right now Mom?" "When is gymnastics?" She was extremely excited about it! When we arrived, she noticed some of the instructors playing with the classes prior. "I want the boy teacher Mom. I'm going to listen to him so good". Sheesh... wanting to be around boys already! After the cutest warm up ever (they stretched!), they were divided into their classes. And guess what? Isla was with the boy! His name is Colin and he is extremely good with the kids. On the way home, Isla said "Colin is my best boy ever", "I can't wait to see Colin again". So cute, right? Anyway, she was so precious to watch! She was the youngest (or at least I think so, she's been 3 for 2 days) and the smallest. She wanted to sit beside Colin for everything and was always the first person to try out what he had asked. Her favorite part? The balance beam. She totally loved it. I was so full of pride (and right now, I need those warm feelings for Isla). She was adorable and I think she will be very good at it! She learned to do somersaults and jumped into the pit of blocks. What a little gymnast! Watch out Team Canada... Olympics 2028!

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