Friday, January 25, 2013

11 Months...

This means that in one month's time I will be hosting a 1 year old birthday party. This blows my mind. I simply cannot believe it has been 11 months already. Annie is growing up *sniff*. Haha. What's there to report? She is on the move! She hasn't perfected crawling but she scoots backwards and twists and turns to where she wants to go. It's quite funny to watch. And when she can't get somewhere, she gives up, burying her face into the ground crying and kicking her feet! It's also quite funny... and annoying :) Teeth? The answer is NO. I can hardly believe it. She is toothless. I'm beginning to wonder if she even has teeth... for real. I can see the bottom ones and lately she has been both grumpy and drooly. Not to mention gnawing on anything hard in hopes to relieve her gum pain. However, I have been thinking she's been getting teeth since she was 5 months old, so honestly, I have no clue. I have visions of this toddler totally toothless, talking like an old man who's misplaced his dentures. But she has managed well without them. She's a beast, a savage, an eating machine. She eats anything we put in front of her, and then some. She does not discriminate. Veggies, meat, fruit, eggs, peanut butter, dairy, cheerios... you name it, she eats it. So, who needs them anyway? She is still a delightful little lady who most of the time is quite pleasant and fun! She still does not sleep through the night and I've stopped holding my breath. I just need to let go and understand that this will probably never happen. My days of glorious sleep are over. Small price to pay for a healthy, beautiful, irreplaceable daughter (or at least I tell myself that).

my beauty.

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