Monday, January 14, 2013

Double Header

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was fantastic! Wonderful in fact. I had a relaxing Friday night which involved me, a good book and a bag of milk chocolate chocolate chips. And yes, I devoured the entire bag. It was delicious. *note: Becky, I may need to change our fast to ALL sweet treats*. Saturday was a perfect "me" day. I'm not sure what made Cam so generous, but he said that Saturday was my day. And I really needed that. And appreciated that. Sometimes, I swear he reads my mind. He's a good man. Anyway, I headed to the gym for an invigorating workout. Gosh, I love gyming. And I love starting my day that way. Then, after months of wanting to see this movie and never finding time, I went to see Silver Linings Playbook. And... it does not disappoint (for your viewing pleasure, I linked the trailer). It was such a powerful story... so moving, hilarious, sad, intriguing, lovely, original and beautiful. A few things I learned:
1. Bradley Cooper deserved his title has 2012's Sexiest Man Alive. He is. Extremely. And his portrayal of Pat, a broken-hearted man with mental health issues is so poignant and breathtaking.
2. I knew I loved Jennifer Lawrence (or J-La has Will Ferrel wittingly coined her) but I love her even more after watching this film. She is such a versatile actress which is both refreshing and welcomed. Her interpretation of a grieving widow is beautiful. And so much more than that.
3. They should date in real life. And make magical, acting machine babies. With eyes so magnificently blue.
4. This is such a unique and original screenplay. It is a story of love, of forgiveness, of friendship and of discovery. It is a must see event!

In the evening, my parents and sister-in-law came over to babysit our girlies while Cam and I headed out for dinner and a movie (I do not remember the last time I saw two movies in one weekend, let alone the SAME day). We had gift cards to The Keg, but after discovering it was an 80 minute wait (INSANE), we ditched that idea and went to Moxie's instead. We decided to see This is 40 as our movie of choice (trailer also included). And... it is HILARIOUS. All caps lock kinda hilarious. Anyone who is married must see this movie. And laugh out loud... in almost every scene. I love Paul Rudd... always have, ever since Clueless. And Leslie Mann is also hysterical. It is just so good. With such a warm fuzzy story too. Also is a must see event!

Sunday was a relaxing kind of day. Church, home, a snuggly nap with Isla on the couch and then we headed back to church for a family prayer night. It was a time to drop in and receive prayer from our pastoral staff. We have never done anything like this, but as we enter 2013, we knew it was a perfect time to do so. We wanted to start our year off right. It was a very uplifting and encouraging experience.

All in all, a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Jill, I LOVE that you had a great, blessing-filled weekend! You so deserved it. Love you, friend!