Friday, January 4, 2013

A little of this & a little of that...

This Christmas season was a wonderful one! It was filled with lots of joy, lots of love, lots of gifts and lots of delicious food! It was busy... and it really did take a lot out of the girlies. They are still recovering (Annie from a double ear infection and Isla from a chest cold) but we all survived the chaos and lack of sleep :)

Every year, on December 23rd, my parents and my brother & sis-in-law come over for pizza and games. I always look forward to this evening as it is one of the only times the 6 of us hang out, without the girlies (games start when they're in bed). This year was EXTRA special, as we received the best news ever! Brock and Sue came over with a small gift in hand for both my mom and dad and Cam and I. I opened my mug to read "Merry Christmas Uncle, Auntie, Annie and Isla!" Confused, I turned it over to see a picture of them both holding a pregnancy test! HOOORAYYYY! I will be getting a new niece or nephew in July and I couldn't be happier! So thrilling!

On Christmas Eve, we woke up early (to a grumpy Isla) and headed over to my parents place for breakfast and gift opening! Annie was so excited that she slept through the entire morning and Isla could hardly stand it and played on the iPad instead of opening her stocking and gifts (*note my sarcasm). We had a lovely morning and walked away with a bundle of gifts and feeling really loved! I always enjoy this time to celebrate with the people I love most in the whole wide world... my family!

Uncle Brock disguised as Santa and Isla. 

iPad playing.

Annie trying on her new toque, post nap.

We then headed to Beulah for their Christmas Eve service before spending the afternoon and evening at Cam's mom's house. We enjoyed some delicious appies and once again, we're spoiled rotten! Isla played so amazingly with her cousins that she stayed up until 10:30 and was pleasant the entire time! They really are adorable together! Annie, once again, slept through most of the festivities. We played games, enjoyed one another's company and had lots of fun!

Kenzie Isla snuggles.

all 4 girlies.

twin jammies for the third consecutive year!

Annie assisting Auntie Coe-Coe with her gift!

Isla's feelings on Christmas morning.

After convincing her to open gifts, she reluctantly agreed. We had breakfast (not the special one we were hoping to have as Isla did not want to eat) and opening gifts kinda took all day. Isla first, then Annie when she woke up, then Cam and I in the afternoon when both girls miraculously napped! We spent most of the day at home, playing with our new toys and reading our new books! We went to my parents for a quick Christmas dinner and then had a low key night at home :) Much needed! Overall, a very Merry Christmas!

early morning gift opening.

sort of excited?

Annie, literally, eating up Piglet.

impromptu sister cuddles.

We also decided, awhile back, to take our ladies to Jasper for NYE. This is the first year in our entire marriage that Cam took a week off, so we wanted to make the best of it! We invited Momo (Cam's mom) along too! We had a beautiful room with a loft up top where Isla and Momo slept... she thought that was the coolest thing! We had a wonderful time!! Isla went skating for the first time, Annie went swimming for the first time, we swam, we shopped, we ate (LOTS), we had a delicious 3 course meal on NYE where the girlies behaved amazing during our 2 hour din din! And Cam and I got a date in too! It really was lots of fun... exhausting but good! We spent NYE in our room with a fire going, girls asleep and the three adults playing games... and eating. After our 3 course meal. Pure glutony. I was in bed by 10:45. All in all, a perfect way to spend a weekend! And to spend NYE. 

after 5 tries, this is the best family pic we got!

Annie-Roo at Jasper Park Lodge playing in their "Kids Club" room!

Isla busy with a puzzle.

Daddy taking Annie for a spin!

my little skating princess! 

warming up, fireside!

Momo and her girlies at NYE dinner. 

my love and I.

Lofting it!

So, there you have it! "Another Christmas in the trenches". - Kevin McAllister, Home Alone 2

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