Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Snow Angel

On Monday, we had our first snowfall of the year. This is to be expected when you live in Alberta. Needless to say, I was mad and sad but there was a glimmer of hope... ISLA! I knew she would love the snow and because I love her so much, I needed to get over my pity party and get my butt out in the snow. Nana and Popi (my mom & dad) bought Isla a new snowsuit a couple months back (August, really??) so we decided to wait for Daddy to get home from work and head out to the backyard to play. Despite our best efforts, Isla simply couldn't move in her new suit so she sat joyfully in the snow and tried to pick it up with her covered hands. I never thought I would say this, but I am looking forward to spending this winter with Isla and Cam outside!

There are no words for her adorableness here. Just a tiny head and a sea of snowsuit. 

Isla + Snow = Love

"Why is my world so white? What IS this stuff?"

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  1. ahahaha, oh my gosh i can't wait to throw wren out there too. she is hilariously cute!!