Monday, October 25, 2010

A Few Things...

Just a few things to mention about what has transpired in our lives this past weekend.

1. Everyone must go see "Life As We Know It". It is only the best movie ever. Seriously. There is a little something for everyone... humor for the comedy lovers, tears for the drama crazed and Josh Duhamel for every woman with a pulse (he is ridiculously attractive... just sayin). We laughed, we cried (and I do mean 'we'... Cam may have shed a tear or two) and I know Amy had a few sniffly moments. *Disclaimer* - If you do go see this movie, you MUST bring tissues, it's essential.  A definite MUST. SEE. EVENT. Thanks Jeskes for the truly devine evening.

2. Isla went to a birthday party this weekend and enjoyed cupcakes and ice cream too (Daddy went a little over board with the ice cream... most of it ended up back on her shirt). We went swimming with Isla's little friends and she frolicked and played in the water with her pals. Simply darling I tell you. She also received her first loot bag. We took a photo of all her friends... including little Martin getting fresh with her. Too much.

3. As a result of this, we signed Isla up for swimming lessons at Fountain Park Pool (Thanks Erin for the suggestion). They start in February and are SO cheap :) 8 weeks long and the program is called "Babes". So excited.

4. Isla also carved her first pumpkin. And no, we didn't let her have the knife but she played (a little) with the goo but we stopped her before any of it made it into her mouth! We had a lovely time eating delicious pizza, playing in the tub (not the adults, just the kids) and carving with the Macneils. Thanks for hosting us pals.

All in all, a wonderful weekend.

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