Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friends Frolic and Play at a Picnic in the Park

Like I have previously mentioned, we love Fall! And lucky for us, the weather has been just beautiful this past week, so we, like any other Edmontonian, have been soaking it up like a sponge knowing that soon, Winter will rear it's ugly head. Isla and I went for a lovely picnic at Hawerlak Park yesterday with Aunty Amy and friend Wren. It is really adorable to watch your children play with other babies. Isla and Wren have spent plenty of time together and being only 5 weeks apart, they are quite similar in abilities... although Wren is a little faster and a little stronger than Isla. We are hoping that the friendship they have now will grow and these two ladies will be the best of friends. It looks like this will be so. We played on the swings and then had a lovely little picnic in the park. Feeding yourselves and your babies on a blanket in a park with a noticeably missing high chair is much harder than it sounds... and with 2 babies, it makes for quite the busy and fun event. Isla was eating Wren's mum mums, Wren was really wanting the avacado smeared across Isla's face and more than anything, they both desperately wanted the leaves that seemed to pour like rain from the limbs of the trees. Watching the 2 interact was nothing short of a comedic act. Both of us Moms were busting a gut as we were snapping up the photo ops (Amy is posting the same event on her blog as well!). It is fun to think that these girls could develop a life long friendship, just like their dads. Kenton (Amy's husband) and Cam have known each other since birth and are still friends now, 27 years later. Kinda crazy really. I am officially old. Check out the girls, who coincidentally, match in the cutest sweaters ever. Great friends (and great Moms) think alike.
Enjoying the beloved swing.

Wren: I want that lid Isla.
Isla: But it's mine.
Wren: But I had it first. 

Wren: HAHA. I win. I got it. Take that.
Isla: Alrighty then. Fine by me.

Isla: Ok Wren, I lied. I want it RIGHT NOW!
Wren: Well then, come and get it.

Amy and Jill: Girls. There is plenty of lid to go around. Let's play nice for the rest of our picnic please.
Girls: Yes Mom.

Isla: Truce?
Wren: (thinking really hard)...

Wren: (hesitantly) Sure Isla. Truce.
Isla: (tickled pink) Thanks Wren. 

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  1. Jill, yours & Amy's commentaries that go along with the photos had me in stitches. Too funny.