Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crazy Christmas-ers

If you know me really well (and my family too), you will know that we LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. Everything about it... the lights, the smells, the food, the chocolates, the trees, the music (I think *NSYNC Christmas could be the best album ever recorded) and the gifts. We love spending time with our families... laughing, eating and being merry. Seeing as how it was Thanksgiving weekend, we decided to go Christmas shopping. Haha. I'm serious. Cam and I decided to spend part of Holiday Monday Christmas shopping for Isla. Previously, we had discussed getting Isla one toy, one outfit and one book... for several reasons: 
a) she is too little to really KNOW what Christmas is
b) she is going to get spoiled by grandparents and aunts & uncles anyway
c) her 1st Birthday is 12 days later... and a first child's first birthday is a BIG deal
If you know me really well you will ALSO know that sticking to this 'one' business would be impossible for me... and it was. We left Toys R Us with not one toy, not 2 toys... but 5 toys in tow. And not just little hand held toys either... I'm talkin' big, noisy, big girl toys. She is getting a kitchen, a ball pit, a sit and read chair... just to name a few. If you are a family member reading this and you were thinking of getting Isla toys for the upcoming holidays... please DO. We have a very busy child, and despite our splurging, she will need more and more to keep her occupied. We welcome anything. 
I am getting very excited for our first Christmas with her... 73 days left. More Christmas posts to come.

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