Sunday, October 17, 2010

Isla loves to Choo-Choo-Choo

Yesterday marked a very special occasion. Isla went on the train at Galaxyland for the very first time! It was so priceless. We got her little hand stamped at the ticket booth (it's free for kids under 2 AND their chaperone and it includes several of the kiddie rides), which was so cute to see the 'GLD' spread across her tiny hand. We lined up and waited for the 'CHOO-CHOO' and we piled on. Both Cam and I went on with her (Momo also took her on for an encore ride), and we watched as her eyes grew wide with amazement, bewilderment and pure ecstasy. Her favorite part was the tunnels... the look on her face grew wide as the lights turned out. She stared at the passing rides and gazed forward, overwhelmed and delighted at what she was discovering. It was the best. Here are some photos to mark the day.

My little pear and I waiting for the train ride to begin!

Her eyes as we entered the first tunnel... Deer in Headlights. 

Daddy: "Woa (said in the voice of Joey from 'Blossom')".
Isla: "Daddy, who turned out the lights"?

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