Monday, November 1, 2010

Isla's First Halloween

Yesterday was Isla's first Halloween... and she loved it! We dressed her up as a peacock and she wore her costume ALL day... including to church! Haha. We dropped our little peacock off in the nursery and she played so nicely with the other non-dressed up kids. We had a busy day. We had a stop off at Momo's house so she could see Isla in her costume...

We also played a little too...

Momo also took Isla on her first Trick or Treating experience... to the neighbor's house. She got some fruit snacks!

After trying, unsuccessfully, to eat some candy, we went over to Uncle Chris' and Aunty Nicole's to join her cousins for some more trick or treating.

After a few more houses, we headed home. Our little Peacock was pooped!

It was such an exciting day for us as parents. I was so proud of my little girl and filled with such joy! She was the cutest. 

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