Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Wow. My blogging has significantly slowed down... as has my picture taking. It's not that Isla isn't doing amazing things, it's just that this time of year is SO busy. We have just decorated our house for Christmas and I am loving it. Another little human in my house is loving it too! She has left her mark on several decorations, including the 2 that are in shattered pieces in my garbage can. I have bought Isla her brand new Christmas dress and am SO pumped for her to wear it!

Not only is Christmas coming, but so is our trip to Vegas. Cam and I are leaving to Vegas for 5 days on December 9th! We will be spending my birthday there too!! I am getting SO excited for our trip, but as the excitement builds, so does the nervousness about leaving Isla. She will be staying with both Momo and Nana & Popi for the duration of our absence. I know she is in great hands... but still?! Pictures and blogging will be coming.

I promise I will try and do a decent blog soon... with pics!

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