Sunday, November 4, 2012


As crappy as it is that winter has reared it's ugly head already (doesn't it know it's not supposed to arrive until December 21st?), we've decided to take advantage of the snow and the very reasonable temperatures. On Friday, Cam and I took the girlies sledding! We bundled up the ladies, plopped Annie into the backpack and headed off for our local sledding hill! Isla LOVED sledding last year so we knew it would be a big hit. Not gonna lie, I have always had this irrational fear of sledding. I'm pretty sure it stems from an incident I had in grade four... I was sledding down "The Big Hill" and I noticed there was a much larger child in my path. I started shouting and yelling for him to move (steering did not occur to me) but instead, I plowed into him. He fell on top me in such a way that my face was forced into the snow for the remainder of the way down the hill. When the treacherous ride was over, my face was sliced and diced. I've been afraid ever since. Anyways, I digress... my kiddos have allowed me to get over this fear and tackle the sled once again! All 4 of us had so much fun! We topped it off with a game of hide n seek in the forest! A lovely Friday afternoon!

all bundled up, ready to go!

my snow angel!

Annie and Mom.

sledding smiles.

My turn. Eeeeeeeek!

Annie's first time down the hill.

She observes.

Totally unrelated... just one more pic of Annie. I melt. I swoon. I love her. Xo.

I lied. 2 more.


  1. Good job getting outside! Looks like it was a fun time :)

  2. Such a stylish group of sledders! And yes Annie, such beautiful baby doll eyes!