Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A glimpse into a night with kids...

I am not writing this post for pity. Truly I am not. I am writing it for a chuckle. Those of you who do not have kids, this is what you have to look forward to. For those that do, you will understand and no doubt laugh a little as I am sure you have had nights similar to this.

7:00 - Annie goes to bed without a hitch.
7:30 - Isla goes to bed with some minor tears.
8:45 - Isla comes out of bed, carrying her giraffe saying, "Good morning Mommy". After putting her back to bed, I leave the room.
9:00 - After 15 minutes of various forms of crying, sobbing, screaming, I tell Isla it is time to calm down and go to sleep. She listens.
10:20 - after just climbing into bed, Annie awakes. I pop the soother back in.
12:30 am - Annie wakes up again, this time for a bottle. Cam feeds her.
4:00 am - Annie wakes up. Again. I pop the soother back in and groggily enter my bed.
5:30 am - Annie wakes up. Again. This time. she has peed through her diaper and is soaked. The bed is soaked. She is a bundle of pee. Cam changes the sheets, I change her. Another bottle to get her back to bed.
5:50 am - after 10 minutes of sleep, we are both aroused again. It is Isla wanting to get out of bed. We tell her to go back to sleep.
6:06 am - Annie is up. For good. And thus, we are too.
6:16 am - Isla is up too.

And there you have it folks.


  1. "good morning mommy!" yeeaaah wren has done that too- "I wake up! It's morning now!" is what she would say.
    The soother is a blessing and a curse. A curse when it falls out at night and they can't put it back in. Soooo annoying!
    I both chuckled and sighed at this post :) So true, so true.

  2. "Good morning, mommy"? Too cute!!
    But absolutely, you don't know exhaustion until you have kids.