Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Top 10 Wish List...

This post is pure self-indulgence. I warn all of you reading that it is all about me and what I want for Christmas. I know, it's childish, selfish and totally necessary. I have been making Christmas lists since I was a child and just because I am approaching 28 does not mean it must stop now... right? Right? It allows me to dream. Here we go (in no particular order):

1. Personal Training sessions - again, some of you know that I am training (loosely right now) for a triathlon or 2 to be done next spring and summer. Along with the workouts I regularly do, I would love to spend some one on one time with a trainer to get a program that is not only going to work on my endurance (a HUGE part of being able to swim, bike and then run) but my body strength as well.

2. Studio Pant (Lulu Lemon) - these pants are just a must have. They are lined with fleece (um amazing) and would be perfect for lounging, throwing over my work out stuff before the gym and wearing EVERYDAY.

3. A new gym bag (also Lulu Lemon) - I seriously cart my whole house to the gym whenever I go (and more than that when I take the girls). A massive gym bag to house all my stuff is just what the doctor ordered. It can stay in the car and then I don't have to worry about forgetting anything. This would simplify my life immensely.

4. A foam roller -  an essential for every human. Before or after a work-out (or really ANYTIME), you use one of these puppies to roll out your muscles. It's basically a self-massage and is simultaneously the most painful and amazing thing at the same time.

5. New boots - I swear I go through a pair a season. I have winter boots but no casual boots to wear with jeans, tights or lulu's. I have been coveting this pair from Steve Madden. They are more riding boots but I am hopelessly in love with them!

6. Healthy Cookbooks - I have really started loving cooking! I have been trying out new recipes each week and thoroughly enjoying the results. Some have been hits... others have not. It has been fun learning about nutrition and stocking my house full of healthy delights. I would love any book but this one has been catching my eye lately. 

7. Adam Levine - But I would settle for the new Maroon 5 CD! I just think that next to my husband, Adam is the hottest man out there! I also really enjoy his unique voice and think Maroon 5 are a great band to listen to at the gym, working out or anywhere really. It pumps me up and gets me grooving.

8. New baking pans - muffin tins, loaf pans, bunt cake pans, cookie sheets... you name it, I want it! Along with cooking, I have really gotten into baking. Isla loves it and it is something that I really enjoy doing with her. And eating with the whole family!

9. New slippers -  any kind really. Any suggestions? I just want something durable and super toasty warm. 

10. Unique picture frames - Cam and I have started a picture wall in our front entry way. We have 8 pictures hanging there now, all in different frames and it looks pretty neat! We want the mis-matched look. Different sizes, shapes, colors... anything!

And there you have it. What's on your wish list?


  1. Shameless self indulgence!! JK ;)
    I very much like #2 and #5 (but not together). You know how I feel about #7.....
    And as for #9, have you tried the NukNuk brand at Costco? So comfy and warm; I love'em!

  2. ps. good idea. i'm probably gonna steal this idea for my blog...

  3. You'd probably want the Anthroplogie slippers that have a rubber sole for walking around your house with those hard floors. Anthro...naturally :)