Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Wow. What a snowy, cold Halloween. Not gonna lie, the weather kinda took the fun out of that. Couple that with the fact that our block was a ghost town and it made for a pretty disappointing Halloween. We had 4 kids. That's right. 4. Now, I am not a huge Halloween guru, but it's fun for the kids to dress up and trick or treat! I have awesome memories of trick or treating with my parents and with friends and all of my memories are full of people! I remember when my mom would hand out candy and keep a tally of kids that came to our door. We would usually have 80-110 kids EVERY Halloween. Nope, 4. We headed out with just Isla (my parents came over to watch Annie-Roo and hand out candy to the swarms of children barreling down our door) around 6:15 or so. Every second house on our block had their lights off, doors closed, no one home. We didn't see a SINGLE trick or treater. So after Isla asking "where is everybody?" about 5 times and crying NON stop (she was cold, she didn't want to say trick or treat etc...), we came home. I was disappointed. Having my own kids has allowed me to be a kid again in that sense and I was really excited about Halloween-ing with my ladies.   Cam's mom ended up calling us to tell us that there were bunches of kids in her neighborhood, so after refueling with a bag of Cheesies, Cam took Isla over there for a few more houses. I stayed here with Annie. Besides all that negativity, our girlies were the cutest! It was fun to put them in their costumes and see them all dressed up. Here is my little peacock and my ferocious tiger!

Perfect Peacock.

 Dressed-up Sisters.

Isla the Tiger ready to devour Annie the Peacock!


And now a throwback to past Halloweens:

Isla the Peacock: Halloween 2010

Isla the Giraffe (who picks their nose): Halloween 2011

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  1. I disagree Jill; it was not that cold or that snowy! I can remember enduring MUCH colder Halloweens (though, yes, the wind was biting). ;)
    But I'm glad Isla got the chance to do some legit ToTing! They looked adorable!