Monday, September 24, 2012

Sitting at 7

Annie-Roo is 7 months old today, and again for the seventh time I repeat "Wow, time flies!" She is such a happy, chilled-out, smiley baby who grins for anyone who will pay attention to her. I thought I would list 7 things about Annie to commemorate this momentous day (again, I am blog-stealing... thanks A.J for your creativity):

1. She drools just as much as Isla did, a similarity. This point makes me sort of sad. Well, sad for her. Some days, we are changing her shirt 3 or 4 times. She's wet to her belly button and that makes me think that she MUST be uncomfortable. Perhaps we just create children with excessive saliva glands... I have mega sweat problems and both the girls have mega drool problems... hmmm. Endearing, right?

(ok, this photo doesn't display the extreme wetness going on here... but it's there)

2. She's still a toothless wonder. For months now I have been saying "She's getting teeth". Alas, she has gotten none. Isla had 4 teeth by now... a difference between the 2.

3. She sits up!! It's amazing how this small thing brings such joy to parents faces. It's a tiny accomplishment but it alludes to the fact that she is growing up. Already. We're proud!

4. She has an interesting quirk... something Isla never did. Whenever she drinks a bottle, she must fidget! Her hands are always going... she wants to hold her soother, a washcloth, a dirty sock... ANYTHING. She just loves to have something in her hands as she drinks. Weird, right? But oh so cute. If she doesn't... it's just a painful experience for everyone involved. She cranks her head side to side, arches her back, rubs her eyes and quite frankly, won't drink.

5. If I had to describe Annie in 2 words, they would be: Happy and Content (*disclaimer: not ALL the time, she has her monster moments). She is so giggly, smiley and peaceful. We are definitely blessed to have a little lady with such a calm, laid back demeanor... SO FAR!

6. She does not suck her thumb. Something Isla does... all. the. time. She has found it a few times but is entirely disinterested in it. A good thing I think. I can take away a soother but I certainly cannot amputate a thumb (well, I COULD but I think that's a crime).

7. She is, once again, NOT sleeping through the night. Alas, I have kissed goodbye to uninterrupted sleep for now. I must just live with it I think. She is waking up at least once for a bottle, if not twice. And as teeth approach, I fear this number will multiply. As my sister-in-law said,"God's creations are beautiful and sometimes noisy, sleepless little critters" (easy for her to say, she doesn't have any kids. Haha :) ). But this is a great perspective to take. One day, my sleep shall return. For now, I get to stumble out of bed for some Annie-Roo snuggles. I'll take it!

So, there you have it! My summary of Annie Roo. She also decided to celebrate today with the most monstrous, repulsive dump I have ever seen. Up her back to her neck. I kid you not. So, a bath ensued. Here are some pics of my sweet little babe today! Enjoy her.

getting de-pooped.

all clean smiles!


and some more...

dressed and ready to get back to the day.

Love my littlest!

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