Monday, September 17, 2012


This Wednesday, the 19th, is Cam's 29th Birthday. Old balls. Just kidding... but to put it in perspective a little bit; this is the eleventh birthday we are celebrating together. Hard to believe really. Dating for 3 years, engaged for one, married for 4 before having Isla... and now, a family of 4. A lot can happen in 11 years, evidently. Last year, I was pregnant with Annie so for his birthday, I surprised us with a night in a hotel for his gift... and kind of a last hurrah before she arrived! So this year, I thought we could kinda do the same thing. The original plan was to have Isla spend the WHOLE DAY and night with my parents and Annie spend the day with Cam's mom AND go for her very first sleepover. Well, after the most disastrous night in our entire parenting life (including 2 newborn stages), we decided that having to send Isla to ANYONE would be a cruel punishment. So, we cut our date short (and let's be honest here, we were entirely too exhausted to be out past 8:30 pm anyway) and hunkered down to what proved to be a MUCH more successful night than the 2 prior (we were still Annie-less!). Anyway, the date.

We dropped the kiddies off, breathed a HUGE sigh of relief (I mean, I LOVE my kids) and headed to Blue Plate Diner for a delicious brunch. I must say that going for brunch is one of my favorite things to do! We sat, ate, drank copious amounts of coffee, read the paper and simply relaxed. We then walked from there through the Leg grounds and to Whyte Ave. We spent the entire afternoon shopping, browsing, meandering and reveling in the fact that we had no naps to be home for, no coffee joint we had to find to heat up a bottle, no bathrooms to run to when Isla has to pinch her pee and no nasty diapers to attend to. After doing a little much-needed splurging, we went to Next Act Pub for dinner. Who knew a dinner at a pub could be 2 hours of glorious conversation, lots of laughs and the most amazing burger to ever touch my lips (a veggie patty with apples, brie and carmelized onions, mmmmm). It was so nice to have an uninterrupted meal... just focusing on each other and sharing our goals for the next year; both personal goals and financial goals. We then walked back to our car (such a beautiful walk) and made a stop at Vi's for dessert (and by that I mean Cam had a beer and I had dessert, or maybe 2...). We have never laughed so much and it was exactly what we needed. So care free and so lovely. Cam said to me that night, amongst snuggles, "I feel like we're dating again" and it truly did. It was a perfect day!

***Don't get me wrong, we obviously love our children beyond measure, but it really is divine to have an entire day to really focus in on one another. Sometimes, we can get lost in the business of the day and the chaos that is our residence but to come together and chat, HOLD HANDS (as we are always pushing strollers and never get to do this simple gesture) and spend quality time together is exactly what the doctor ordered. Already looking forward to next year!


  1. This made me smile!!!! You guys deserved this!!

  2. You guys looked like you were having the best time, so glad!
    Evening dates are fine, but you're right, date days totally rule.