Monday, December 12, 2011

We Make Gingerbread.

Another Christmas activity... building a gingerbread house! I went to 3 stores before finding a Gingerbread kit... needless to say, I was SO excited to do this with Isla. It turns out that Isla was MUCH more interested in sneaking the treats and eating them than the actual construction of the house. I think Cam and I had much more fun than she did. That's ok... it's another special memory we are making as a family.

the construction begins.

all smiles as they decorate the gingerbread man.

notice Isla's hand in the mouth... I think she has just sneaked treat number 123. 

me in absolute hysterics because our house kept collapsing and for some reason, I thought this was hilarious.

us 3 and our completed masterpiece.

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  1. We made that kit too! Livi totally ate a ton of candy (while decorating), and Sawyers house COLLAPSED all of 5 minutes after finishing it (and thankfully getting a picture). Robs/Livis house is still standing, but I figure that's because he's a carpenter. Fun!