Monday, December 5, 2011

December Festivities

I love this time of year! I love the lights, the music (ummm... Justin Bieber, Boney M and N'Sync Christmas circulate the airwaves), the sparkling Christmas trees in people's front windows, the atmosphere of warmth in the air, the giving, the activities this season brings, the family time, the love, eggnog lattes, Toblerone, Cranberry Bliss Bars... and I enjoy it all even more because I get to share it all with Cam and Isla. She is getting to the age where she gets excited about things... she understands Santa and that he brings gifts. She LOVES the lights and all the treats!

We kicked December off with some baking... chocolate cupcakes! She was the best paper liner putter inner ever... her ultimate favorite part though? Licking the beaters of course. Look at her adorableness here.

This past Saturday, we took Isla, along with Momo (Cam's mom) to the Festival of Trees. Isla was a tad overwhelmed at first, but after a few minutes, she loved it all! We listened to singers, we watched glitzy dancers, we ate treats, we sat on Santa's knee (reluctantly... Cam & I had to accompany our teary lady),  we visited the hospital where Isla bandaged a hurt Elmo, got a finger cast covered in glitter and a star band-aid on her "owie". We, of course, took in the beautiful trees and all of the magnificent gingerbread houses... all in all, a lovely Christmasey day with the ones we love.

(she is a little unsure of the cast here)

 my loves.

Looking forward to lots more holiday fun!

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