Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Am Spartan!

So, as some of you know, I was hoping to do a triathlon this summer. And, again, as some of you know, that plan has changed. When I made that my fitness goal, I didn't investigate the logistics of such a challenge. After doing my research, I have realized that both finances and lack of time as caused me to change my goal. At first, this was really hard for me to let go of. I felt as though I was disappointing myself and letting others down. I did not want to be a quitter. In the mean time, I met a lovely lady at the gym (Cheryl) and she introduced me to Spartan Races. *Spartan Races are held around the world and are essentially a series of obstacles in a pre-determined distance.* I had, at this point, signed up for the Spartan Sprint (5 km, 15+ obstacles) race being held in Edmonton on June 29th. Cheryl mentioned that she had signed up for the Spartan Super (14 km, 21+ obstacles) race being held in Red Deer on September 7th. Immediately I knew that I was going to commit to training for the Spartan Super. A 14 km distance will be a massive challenge for me... endurance, endurance, endurance! AND, within those  14 km, there will be 21 plus obstacles that must be tackled! Examples of these include: hill runs with weights, army crawls through muddy trenches below barbed wire, burpies and the like. I am BEYOND excited for this and am ready for the physical challenge. Starting in April, Cheryl and I will be training with a personal trainer once a week for 2 months. He has participated in these Spartan races before and knows exactly what they are about. He will build us up, push us to our limits and make us work. I can hardly wait to begin. So, there you have it. My new fitness goal :)

For your viewing pleasure, I have included this Spartan Race Promo Video. Enjoy! And help me get fired up by keeping me accountable to my training. Pretty Please.

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  1. You are a strong, amazing woman, and I am inspired by your dedication!!! (And I hope to be in the trenches beside....or more likely behind June! Haha!!)