Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fast Flavors

For Christmas, I received a cookbook entitled "Fast Flavors" by chef Michael Smith. And what can I say?? It is AMAZING! I find the recipes to be simple, quick, easy to follow and ingredients that I typically stock around the house anyway. I have made a few dishes now and each one has been received quite well by the family. Especially me.

Ones I've tried include:
  • Sweet Potato Steak Hash (cooking as we speak)
  • Apple Chicken with Rosemary Vanilla Chutney (one of my most favorite ever... delicious)
  • Marmalade Sweet Potato Smash (I am digging sweet potatoes lately)
  • Caribbean Rice and Beans (a vegetarian dish that was pleasing to the meat lover in my home)
Next on the list to try: Roasted Sausage, Peppers and Double Fennel 

I'll let you know how tonight's dish goes over.


  1. Sounds tasty!! But mainly, look at the hair on that guy!!!

  2. dinner WAS tasty! Isla and Annie both enjoyed it (I found sweet potato in Annie's ear post meal) and Cam had heaping seconds. I'd say it was success! And yes, his hair is unfortunate.