Thursday, October 25, 2012


Annie-Roo was 8 months old yesterday. Nothing too new or different to report on... she is still toothless but Cam and I are starting to get sick and tired of the misery that goes along with teething. Having said that, Annie's misery is like Isla's happy moods. The nights are getting worse, once again, and her little cheekies are flaming red. She does seem to be in distress sometimes and has given up eating. We look in her mouth, which is impossible as she seals her lips pretty tight as soon as we try and peak, but we can see all four bottom teeth under the gums. Gross. If all four come at once, I may need to resort to mountains of chocolate for solace. Or wine. As I've said before, she is so delightful and beautiful and charming and happy. She loves her sister and watches everything she does. It's pretty cute. Also, right now (I say this because it is inevitable that she will become a Daddy's girl) she totally prefers me. And I am so proud and happy. Isla has always been Cam's so maybe, just maybe, she will be mine. We are just so blessed to have Annie. She brings so much joy and fulfillment to our lives and really makes our family feel complete.

strategically placed bubbles.


big smiles

love her little curl!

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  1. Happy 8 months, beautiful Annie Roo!!
    Jill, if you ever need company as you tackle a bottle of wine or a mountain of chocolate, I am available ANY TIME. FOR REAL. xoxo