Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I am not going to begin by saying that I have been so incredibly MIA, it's not even right. I'm not going to give excuses like LIFE IS SO BUSY or that I'm too tired or that I've been reading so much with any free time I have etc... Oh wait, I guess I did just say that. One thing I won't do is catch you up on ALL that we have been doing. I will just start afresh. Let's start with Isla:

Isla has had many firsts this summer... first time camping with JUST Daddy, first time at the dentist and first time at the movie theater. Cam and Isla headed out to Michelon Lake to meet up with Chris and Nicole and others and to HAVE FUN! They left one Saturday morning and had a BLAST... they spent all day at the beach, at the park, went to a little show where they saw salamanders, frogs, beaver skulls, ate hot dogs and treats and the list goes on. However, their time was cut short as it rained all night long and Isla woke up to "puddles... Daddy, we're sleeping in puddles". So they were home by 10 am on Sunday morning. Oh well, I know she had an absolute blast and so did Cam!

We decided that Isla needed to get her teeth checked. She IS a thumbsucker and I can tell already she's got some buck teeth happening. We practiced "Dentist" where I was the dentist and she was my patient. She knew exactly what to do and had her mouth wide open before the dentist even arrived! She was such a good girl. Her visit did prove that she will most definitely need a retainer as she has a mega cross bite - on one side of her mouth, her top teeth bite on the inside of her bottom teeth (which apparently is quite problematic), as well as some buck teeth (which I knew and should correct itself as long as she isn't still sucking her thumb when her adult teeth come in). The conclusion we came to is that we need to save our pennies now for the inevitable dental work both our girls will require (Cam had braces and me... well, let's not forget my jaw expander I had to turn with a key and the braces I wore for almost 3 years).

We have been wanting to take Isla to the movies for a while now and when Ice Age 4 came out, we knew that was the one! We got her her kids meal which came with popcorn, pop and a kinder egg... oooh and of course her Sid the Sloth toy. She was too small to weigh the seat down so she kept getting folded in half with the seat... it was so cute. We got her a little toddler seat and she sat still for most of the movie, eating every last ounce of popcorn and then some of ours. She had so much fun and so did we! I love introducing her to new things and sharing new experiences with her. She's at such an amazing age... I wish I could freeze frame time. She's an incredibly smart, intelligent, funny little girl. I am proud.

snuggles in the tent

 playing in the sand

all smiles in the dentist's chair

I think the pop, popcorn and Kinder egg were her favorite part!

And now, Annie:

She is five months old already, which is so hard to believe. She is one amazing baby, let me tell you! She is so happy (definitely has moments though, oh yeah). She is SUCH a talker and giggles and smiles all the time. She certainly loves Isla and always has her eyes glued to her, busting a gut at anything Isla says or does. She also is turning into another daddy's girl... leaving her biggest and best laughs and smiles for Daddy. She isn't quite rolling over yet, but is certainly close. No teeth yet either. She is trying to sit up on her own but she's still got to strengthen her core (haha). It's interesting going through all of these milestones again: Isla rolled over before 4 months old, had 2 teeth break through at 4.5 months and was eating solid food just before 5 months old. All of these things, Annie has not achieved. And I'm not worried. She is a different kid. Through and through. I am enjoying the baby stage much more this time around and am loving my snuggles with Annie-Roo. Don't get me wrong, the transition from 1 to 2 kids has been very challenging for me. I have struggled... a lot. But we are getting in our groove and things are now settled as a family of 4. 

big eyes

all smiles

so precious. I love her.

us ladies.

Hopefully I can get my a$$ into gear and get blogging a little more frequently than once every 10 weeks. I miss it. 

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  1. Glad you're back! I've been meaning to harass you about this for a while now ;)
    PS. Your girls are gorgeous