Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Annie Eats

So, after noticing on our trip (blog post to come SOON) that Annie is putting everything she can get her paws on into her mouth, including attempting to grab our plates, forks, spoons and food, we decided it was time to start her on some solid food! Rice cereal was on the menu... oooohhh yum! So this morning, we all sat down for breakfast as a family: Isla with her Fiber 1, Cam with his toast and peanut butter, me with my oatmeal + yogurt (substitute for my missing banana) + peanut butter and Annie with her rice cereal (poor girl). However, she did pretty good. Of course there was the usual retraction after the beige paste hit her lips but after pondering it for a second, she went full force, assisting me with shoving that spoon right in her mouth! Atta girl! We will definitely give it another try tonight... but from here on in, this girl is eating food! YAY... she's getting so big so fast.

"Sure, I'll try it Mom".

"Umm, not to sure about this rice stuff".

"Hey... that's not so bad. Compared to formula, this stuff tastes like chocolate!" "Get in my belly!"


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