Friday, October 28, 2011

Potty Training

So Isla is almost 22 months old (where did the time go, honestly) and with Annie's arrival vast approaching, there is nothing I would love more than Isla being potty trained... one girl in panties and one girl in diapers sounds much more appealing then changing 2 poopy bums everyday... plus Isla is really loving becoming a 'big girl' and discovering her independence. She has been telling us for weeks now when she has to "poo-poo" and has been going on the potty for number 2 for a little while now. We bought her a little Sesame Street potty that sits on top of the toilet so she doesn't fall in. She often just enjoys sitting on the potty, reading books and getting a good feel for it. We have read her several books SEVERAL times about using a potty and she seems both excited and ready to be a full blown potty user.

We decided to do two things: I went to the dollar store with Isla and let her pick out a basket. I then filled the basket with several treats; crafts, books, toy cars, a slinky, stickers, hair clips, tattoos and candy. We have explained to her that this is her "potty basket". Whenever she goes successfully on the potty, poop or pee, she can pick ONE treat from her basket. She is very excited about this. Also, Cam and I decided to make her a 'potty chart'. It is taped up in our bathroom where she can see it. Every time she successfully goes on the potty, we mark it on the chart and she gets to place a sticker inside the toilet bowl.

(just for fun... such a cute picture of my lady)

Here is hoping...

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