Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crafty Things

First, a non-craft thing:
Isla LOVES books. She is obsessed. She loves being read to and her latest bit is grabbing books, saying "Me, Me, Me" and climbing into her reading chair to peruse the books at her leisure. The other day, she was wearing her new winter boots (which of course, she loves) and I found her in her chair like this:
 *note the boots.
lift the flap ones are top notch in her books (no pun intended... haha)

warms the heart.

Crafty things next: for those of you who know me well know that I am NOT creative nor talented in really any kind of way. Several of my close friends have very obvious talents and for that, I am envious. I, however, do not. I have accepted this. Sort of. But with Annie coming, I have been inspired to branch out a little and do some new things. Now, baby steps people. I am not all of a sudden Martha Stewart, but I have been dipping my fingers in some creative juices for Annie's room and I must say... I am thoroughly enjoying it. Here are a couple things I am working on: 

 letters to hang in Annie's room... now, I am not done yet. I plan on adding some detail to the black letters with the hot pink paint... I tried stenciling but alas, it failed. I am open to any suggestions besides free hand... remember... not talented. 

Cam and I did this together. He drew it and we both painted it and outlined it together. It is to hang on the outside of her bedroom door. We have also started one for Isla too!

We are slowly getting ideas of how to decorate Annie's space... it will be similar to Isla's mainly because we are reusing the bedding which is black, pink and white so that is the color scheme we are going with. As you can see, touches of lime green will accent the room too. It's starting to come together! 
Wish me luck on my continued creative endeavors!

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