Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am honored to introduce you to...


A couple Friday's ago, we had the honor and privilege of seeing our baby again for the second time. We were completely sure we would not find out what we were having, but for those of you who know us best know that this surprise would never happen! The instant Cam saw our beautiful babe on the screen, he insisted we find out. When the ultra sound tech shared with us the news of another daughter, my eyes filled with tears and I immediately could not picture our family any other way. God chose another little lady to fill our lives with joy, love and fulfillment and for that, I am overcome with joy. Cam nor I had a sister (although now, through marriage, we both have 2 that we cherish completely). For Isla to have a little sister to share her life with makes me feel warm inside. She is going to be an incredible big sister. My prayer is that despite the rough times to come (bah, 2 teenage girls = yikes), I want them to be best friends. I want Isla and Annie to go to each other when times are tough, or when they need someone to talk to, or when they need help or when they feel they can't come to us, they each can have someone else that loves them and cares for them and someone they trust.

Annie is a little busy body in there and thus, I have nicknamed her my tiny dancer. She moves and grooves up a storm and may I just say, the feeling of a moving baby inside you is absolutely priceless. I am over half way through this pregnancy and the anticipation of meeting our Annie is building rapidly. It's amazing how instantaneously a mother's love really is. For those of you reading this who are moms, you know exactly what that love feels like. For those of you who aren't moms yet, you have the most incredible love to look forward too!

Here she is.


  1. My sister and I are 19 months apart. Granted the teenage years had some ups & downs, we are BFFs now and forever. I have other close friends, sure, but my sis is the one who will always be there. I love having a sister!

  2. This warmed my heart Rachel! This is my exact hope and prayer for Isla and Annie. Thanks for sharing that with me :) Hope you and Dal are doing well and loving Victoria. We miss you!